A Border Patrol agent revealed how Joe Biden is making the crisis worse by expanding this one service

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The situation on the border is out of control.

Joe Biden is going out of his way to make illegal immigration easier and more attractive.

But a Border Patrol agent revealed how Joe Biden is making the crisis worse by expanding this one service.

CBP One app is setting up an untenable number of asylum hearings following expansion

Joe Biden has created a situation on the border that is quickly spiraling out of control. Now he’s making the situation more difficult for agents at Customs and Border Protection. One example of this can be seen in the expansion of the CBP One mobile app.

The federal government released an update to the CBP One app earlier this year that enabled border-crossers to schedule appointments to apply for asylum. Once they apply, they no longer need to be concerned about being apprehended and processed.

The idea was to speed up the processing and give time back to border officials who would have been stuck setting up the arrangements themselves. However, the CBP was then forced to start pulling their employees to handle upwards of 1,000 hearings per day.

Now the agents are being prevented from performing their actual duties on the border.

Source says that the mobile app is helping take the focus off of cartel activities

The CBP announced that their app would begin employing an algorithm to “cut out smugglers who are preying on noncitizens by prioritizing appointments for those who have been waiting the longest.” They use the registration date as the basis for the appointment setting.

The hope is that the new “legal pathway” would reduce the amount of people illegally smuggled by cartels and make it harder for them to make money. One border agent said that this plan is misguided and that cartels are being helped by the new focus on asylum cases.

“The cartels don’t just profit off of the migrants, they survive and thrive by smuggling narcotics,” the unnamed border agent told Breitbart. He warned that “by redirecting personnel from inspections to asylum processing, we are missing the deadliest drug we have seen in modern times, fentanyl.”

He said these personnel are often taken from key sites that would prevent drug smuggling.

Fentanyl is crossing the border at record numbers and is now the number one killer of adults in the US

According to the source, officers who are being pulled over to the asylum cases are most often supposed to be stationed at screening facilities meant to find drugs in people and vehicles. “The cartels use humans to serve as body carriers and have become quite creative,” he said.

They are “concealing narcotics in the thousands of vehicles that cross” through border checkpoints every day and these drugs could be caught if it weren’t for personnel problems. “Finding the drugs is a time-consuming process that should not suffer as a result of the CBP One program,” he asserted.

Fentanyl is now the leading cause of death for adults in the United States. The CBP has seen an increase of nearly 300 percent in the repossession of drugs at several checkpoints on the southwest border in 2023.

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