A Christian musician just broke the radical Left’s hold on the music industry with this Pro-Life ballad

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Politics will always be impacted by the change in cultural values within the American borders.

For far too long, the Democrat Party has had the backing of the mainstream cultural establishment.

But a Christian musician just broke the radical Left’s hold on the music industry with this Pro-Life ballad.

Baste Records is making a name for itself in the conservative cultural space

The conservative movement has been slowly waking up to the late Andrew Breitbart’s famous words, “politics is downstream from culture.” 

It couldn’t be any more apparent, as entertainment stars regularly endorse radical Left ideologies. 

But Baste Records is changing this.

Baste Records is a self-described “platform for conservative musicians and artists to reach a wider audience and share their beliefs and values through music.” 

The group has helped produce and promote countless hits, most recently Afroman’s Hunter Got High

The parody rap was released in April and hit on the  highly controversial topic of Hunter Biden’s use of crack cocaine. 

But Baste Records isn’t all about funny songs that go after the Biden family. 

The goal of their group is to challenge the “mainstream music industry [that] is often dominated by liberal or progressive values.”

Now they’ve knocked it out of the park with the new hit song I Was Gonna Be.

The world is humbled by the story of an unborn child

Rachel Holt is a relatively unknown 18-year-old country singer from Nashville. 

She’s rising on Billboard charts for her performance in a Pro-Life ballad written by Chris Wallin. 

I Was Gonna Be tells the story of an unborn child that was ultimately deemed “a bad mistake that needed to go” by her parents.

The song opens up by challenging the idea that unborn children don’t have a “soul.” 

The ballad, told from the perspective of the child, denies the idea that she is alone in this dark world. 

“There are those who speak for me. Who fight for lives that they can’t see,” she sings in the second verse. 

The writer, Walliin, wasn’t sure that the song would ever see the light of day. 

“When I first started writing this song, I didn’t think anyone would ever actually sing it. I wrote it because I thought something had to be said,” he said in an interview with Breitbart News.

Now Wallin’s wildest dreams are coming true.

CEO says the song “aligned perfectly” with the cultural values of his company

The song, which debuted in late June, shot to the top of multiple Billboard charts. 

I Was Gonna Be found its way to the #9 spot on the Country Digital Song Sales Chart and the #20 position for overall Digital Song Sales. 

And Holt earned #21 for Billboard’s Emerging Artists Chart. 

Patriot Mobile, a conservative cellular company, chipped in on the song’s success with promotional sponsorship. 

“We got a call about this pro-life song needing a promotional sponsor and it aligned perfectly with our beliefs about the sanctity of life,” CEO Glenn Story said.

Wallin, who is also head of A&R for Baste Records, said he is “humbled” by the song’s success. 

Thanks to “the help of patriot organizations like Breitbart, Timcast IRL, and Patriot Mobile, we are currently sitting at #9 on the iTunes Charts,” he said. 

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