A Christian university is under fire for offering this anti-Biblical woke course to students

Photo by Stanley Morales from Pexels

The past few months have been marked by conservative outrage for corporations endorsing the LGBTQ agenda.

Iconic brands like Target and Bud Light have experienced blowback from customers.

But now, a Christian university is under fire for offering this anti-Biblical woke course to students.

Texas Christian University (TCU) is teaching students about “drag performance” and “queer worldmaking”

Texas Christian University is in the national spotlight for a course that encouraged people to “engage queer theories in relation to performance practice.” In other words, it was a course on how to be a drag queen. 

The course, entitled The Queer Art of Drag, was offered through TCU’s Women and Gender Studies department and instructed students on how to develop a “drag persona” and express themselves on stage by lip-syncing to songs like Cardi B’s WAP.

The course is taught by Dr. Nino Testa, who goes by the stage name Maria von Clapp. Testa will teach students about “critical drag” theory and will have them engage in “drag performance as an outlet for social critique, pedagogy, and queer worldmaking.”

The school proudly supports drag in the course description on its website.

The course will focus on gender ideology and the “queer political project”

“Drag is an artform with a rich history of challenging dominant norms and systems of oppression,” the website reads.  It also discusses how students will learn about “building queer communities and cultivating experiences of queer joy in a hostile world.”

The course begins by asking the question, “What Even is Gender?” Testa then moves on to assign ideological propaganda  like The Gender Binary is a Tool of White Supremacy, written by bisexual blogger Kravitz Marshall. The class leans in hard on what Testa calls the “queer political project.”

The course’s final project involves the students showcasing their “drag persona” and their “choreography” skills in a 1-to-2-minute performance at the school’s new “Annual Night of Drag.” According to the course materials, they are able to do “traditional lip sync,” a “drag story,” or even a “children’s program.”

Texas Christian University even seems to know that a lot of the content will be in bad taste.

Students are warned about content selection for their final drag performance

Students participating in the “Annual Night of Drag” at TCU are warned to be “mindful” of the content they put in their performance. They said that drag performances could be “interpreted” and “circulated” in a variety of ways following the event, which is why they warned students about being too “provocative.”

They also warned attendees of the event that they might see scenes depicting “anti-queerness, racism, misogyny, and other forms of violence.” They even said that some of the performances could “actually perpetuate or circulate racists/sexist jokes, ideas, and norms.”

This comes amid heightened tensions surrounding an increase in all-ages drag shows and gender transitioning of children across the country. The state of Texas recently banned the practice of gender affirming care and made it a form of abuse to engage in the controversial treatments.

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