A courtroom confession just turned this Trump trial upside down


The Democrat Party’s lawfare is not going the way they expected.

The cases against Donald Trump are falling apart.

And now a courtroom confession just turned this Trump trial upside down.

Donald Trump showed up in New York for a civil trial to decide what he owes in damages to E. Jean Carroll after a jury in heavily Democrat New York issued a questionable verdict that he sexually assaulted her in the mid-1990s in a department store dressing room.

Critics contend that this story is oddly similar to the plot from an episode of Law and Order.

Carroll couldn’t remember when this supposed assault happened and had no corroborating evidence.

However, the outcome was never in doubt since the jury was pulled from a Democrat stronghold.

Democrat megadonor and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman – who is also bankrolling Nikki Haley’s Super PAC – funded Carroll’s lawsuit because this case was part of a Democrat scheme to tie Trump down in court and use the verdicts from these cases to attack him in campaign commercials in a General Election.

Carroll claimed that Donald Trump denying the allegations defamed her and led to a torrent of threats from his supporters.

During the trial, Trump lawyer Alina Habba got Carroll to admit that she illegally owns a gun in New York State when Carroll claimed she feels so terrified that she sleeps with a gun next to her bed.

The biased Judge Kaplan ordered the jury to disregard this admission.

But in an even more damaging exchange, Carroll admitted she went on a PR tour to tell her Trump stories because no one bought her book and she thought it would boost sales.

Trump’s lawyers argue that Carroll isn’t owed any damages because she actually profited from her allegations against Donald Trump.

Carroll’s testimony showed that, at the very least, she saw telling her story about Trump as a way to induce more of his haters to buy her book.

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