A Cowboys star got into a spat with his fellow teammate on this podcast

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The National Football League (NFL) has changed considerably in the last several years. 

Rather than allowing their on-field performance to do the talking, many players and coaches have expanded their brands in every way imaginable. 

And a Cowboys star got into a spat with his fellow teammate on this podcast. 

A dispute with Micah Parsons just highlighted this major change in how NFL players make money 

Professional football players receive higher salaries than ever before, with some NFL quarterbacks earning more than $50 million a year. 

However, some of them have to look at other avenues to make money. 

Top players have signed endorsement deals to make some extra cash for decades.
These days players try to create their own brand by engaging in media events and other sponsorships under their own brand instead of the banner of their respective teams or the NFL. 

Micah Parsons of the Dallas Cowboys, who many regard as the best linebacker in football, has done everything he can to build his brand. 

This has not sat well with some of his fellow teammates, who would prefer that Micah Parsons focus on honing his football skills. 

After all, for many players who do not have the recognition of Parsons, a Super Bowl championship remains their top priority until they retire from football. 

This rift was put on full display during a recent episode of the All Facts No Brakes podcast with former NFL wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson. 

Johnson brought on Cowboys safety Malik Hooker, who told Johnson and listeners that “my advice would be for Micah, it would be: Just make sure we’re alright and be where your feet are.”

“Because if we’re out working, and the run game’s terrible but you’re doing a podcast every week — and you know the run game is terrible — then what are you really caring about? Are you caring about the crowd that’s watching your podcast, or are you caring about the success of our team, and the Super Bowl that we’re trying to reach?” the flustered Cowboy added. 

As Hooker noted, Parsons has used his fame and name recognition to advance his podcast, The Edge with Micah Parsons

However, Parsons did not take this jab lightly.

He tweeted “just wish you said this to me but instead on some podcast!”

“And you got my number family!” Parsons added. “And you my locker mate! So you coulda said this any day! And you do realize I shoot the podcast on our off day! Why ain’t we talking about everyone’s preparations and focus.”

He later deleted the tweet after Malik Hooker posted a clarification about his comments online and ended the drama between these Cowboys stars. 

Sports in general has started to focus much more closely on individuals 

In college sports and professional sports, individuals have become far more powerful and influential than the team as a whole. 

As Micah Parsons’ teammates noted, they would much rather see players focus on their skills. 

Looking forward to this September, sports pundits disagree about how well the Cowboys will do after last year’s impressive regular season and equally disappointing post season. 

Regardless of what the pundits say, the Cowboys will need their star players like Micah Parsons to perform better than ever if they hope to compete for a Super Bowl. 

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