A damning Hunter Biden confession is the smoking gun that will get Joe Biden impeached

Screenshot via Youtube, ABC News

The investigation into Joe Biden’s alleged involvement in a foreign influence peddling scheme took a dramatic turn.

Republicans presented bombshell evidence that is bad news for Joe Biden.

And a damning Hunter Biden confession is the smoking gun that will get Joe Biden impeached.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) produced bank records that show oligarchs from Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine sent $20 million to Joe Biden’s family members and associates when he served as Barack Obama’s Vice President.

The Oversight Committee memo included photographs of then-Vice President Biden posing with foreign oligarchs at dinner parties after they wired money into LLCs controlled by Hunter and his associates.

The ex-wife of the Mayor of Moscow wired $3.5 million to Hunter and then appeared at a diner with then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Republicans believe the evidence of corruption is off the charts and staring the American people right in the face.

Hunter Biden’s previous admission that his father forced him to hand over half his salary takes on new meaning since it is nearly impossible to believe that Joe Biden was not benefitting from the millions of dollars Hunter raked in on these foreign lobbying schemes.

The media continues to move the goalposts in this scandal, as the burden of proof shifts from Joe Biden never talked business with his son to he was not involved in the business deals to Republicans failed to produce evidence of Hunter Biden handing over a publisher’s clearing house sweepstakes style check from a Russian oligarch made out to his father.

Joe Biden and the media want the American people to believe that oligarchs in foreign countries poured millions of dollars into the bank account of the Vice President’s son for a reason other than influence peddling.

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