A Democrat Mayor just confirmed the worst about this awful kickback by Joe Biden

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With his re-election prospects looking dicey, Joe Biden is getting desperate.

Now he was caught in an alarming payoff.

And a Democrat Mayor just confirmed the worst about this awful kickback by Joe Biden.

Democrat Mayor celebrates Joe Biden canceling his student loans 

President Joe Biden is on shaky ground heading into Election Day this November.

Younger voters – a key part of the Democrat political coalition – don’t have enthusiasm about the 81-year-old President’s re-election campaign.

And some polls show that this demographic, which helped carry Biden to victory in the 2020 election, has started to shift to former President Donald Trump.

That’s why Biden is using the tried and true method of attempting to buy their votes with federal money.

Before the 2022 Midterms, Biden announced that he was going to unilaterally cancel student loan debt using an emergency law passed after 9/11.

The Supreme Court shut down this illegal attempt to bypass Congress.

But that hasn’t stopped Biden from continuing to cancel student loan debt ahead of the 2024 election in a bid to curry favor with younger voters.

Biden boasted that “no one is above the law” after former President Donald Trump’s sham criminal conviction in Manhattan.

He also touts the fact that he defied the Supreme Court’s ruling to continue illegally canceling student loan debt.

St. Paul, Minnesota, Mayor Melvin Carter (D) celebrated on social media that he was a recipient of Biden’s student loan bailout. 

The Democrat Mayor shared a picture on social media of his Mohela account – used to manage student loan payments – at zero dollars.

“Thank you, Mr. President!” Carter said in response to a video on Biden’s social media account.

“The Supreme Court tried to block me from relieving student debt. But they didn’t stop me. I’ve relieved student debt for over 5 million Americans. I’m going to keep going,” Biden’s post read.

According to public records, Carter is being paid $170,000 as St. Paul’s Mayor.

Now American taxpayers are getting stuck with the bill for paying his student loans while the country is in massive debt. 

Biden’s student loan cancellation spree is benefiting Democrat-leaning college-educated voters who racked up big student loan debt while pursuing worthless degrees.

This is a shameless attempt to get younger voters to turn out for him by dangling the carrot of more student loan cancellations to come.

Republican Attorneys General sue to stop one of Biden’s student loan forgiveness schemes

Republican Attorneys General from Missouri, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, North Dakota, Ohio, and Oklahoma sued the Biden administration in federal court to block the Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) plan.

The SAVE plan forgives the student loans of borrowers based on their income after they’ve paid for more than 10 years.

“The defendants have asserted authority to redistribute $500 billion from teachers, farmers, nurses, and truckers to those who haven’t paid off their student loans yet,” Missouri Solicitor General Josh Divine argued. “Congress simply did not give the president or the secretary (of education) authority to make a massive, monumental policy.”

The law is a minor obstacle to Joe Biden in his pursuit of a second term.

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