A former Governor of Arkansas made one big announcement following Donald Trump’s indictment

Asa Hutchinson, former Director of the Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Representative, and Governor of Arkansas. Public Domain via Flickr

The Republican Presidential Primary is underway and it’s looking like there will be a crowded field of candidates.

Donald Trump is a clear frontrunner for the nomination with few notable names stating interest.

And a former Governor of Arkansas just made one big announcement following Donald Trump’s indictment.

Former Governor Ava Hutchinson swoops in amid Trump indictment

Donald Trump was indicted this week and the best way to know who the RINOs are is to simply watch their reaction. Some Republicans have condemned the action, while others embraced the disastrous event.

Former Arkansas Governor Ava Hutchinson showed his cards by taking the opportunity to announce his Presidential run. He didn’t make the announcement at a press event surrounded by supporters, but rather during an ABC News interview on Sunday. 

“I am going to be running,” Hutchinson said. “And the reason, as I’ve traveled the country for six months, I hear people talk about the leadership of the country,” Hutchinson continued, before adding “I’m convinced that people want leaders that appeal to the best of America, and not simply our worst instincts.”

He believes that he “can be that kind of leader for the people of America.”

Hutchinson thinks America needs more opposition to Trump

Hutchinson didn’t just announce his bid. The RINO took aim at Trump and stated that “he should” withdraw from the 2024 election. However, he noted that “we know” the former President won’t back out and that there’s no “Constitutional requirement” for him to do so.

It’s clear by that statement that he believes the only way that Trump will be removed from the 2024 race is by legal action. That makes sense considering where Hutchinson gets his props from. He thrives on the support of the establishment and doesn’t support the America First movement.

“I actually think more voices right now in opposition or providing an alternative to Donald Trump is the best thing in the right direction,” Hutchinson said in a separate interview. His political strategists must be blatantly ignoring the success of Ron DeSantis after running on the coattails of Trump.

All of this makes you wonder what Hutchinson’s view is on the Trump indictment.

Even felony charges won’t stop Trump from running

Since Trump’s indictment includes a litany of felony charges, some people are saying he should drop out of the race. That seems to be the game plan of the Democrat prosecutor, Alvin Bragg, as he continues what Trump calls another “Witch-Hunt.”

Hutchinson says not only is there no “Constitutional requirement” for Trump to exit the race, but he believes prosecuting him to stop him is the wrong move. Hutchinson told CNN that “it is essential that the decision of America’s next President be made at the ballot box and not in the court system.”

He made it clear that he believes “Donald Trump should not be our next President.”

However, he warned that it must be “decided by the voters.” The potential fallout from Trump being indicted is one thing, but when it eventually impacts his Presidential run, it could spell a disaster for our country.

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