A former Lieutenant Colonel just issued a dire warning about the current state of the United States military

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Thanks to Joe Biden, the U.S. military is quickly becoming a laughing stock around the world.

We’ve heard continuous stories about woke indoctrination training in the military.

And now a former Lieutenant Colonel just issued a dire warning about the current state of the United States military.

Biden sending Ukraine controversial cluster bombs because that’s all “we have left to send them”

The Biden administration announced last week that it is moving forward with a plan to send cluster munitions to Ukraine. But one military expert said that this is a sign that the United States is already struggling to deal with a dangerously low ammunition supply. 

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Darin Gaub told Trey Gowdy that the United States is in a perilous situation and it would take over a decade to restore our military readiness to the levels that it was at before the Russian-Ukrainian conflict began last year. 

According to Gaub, the only logical reason as to why Biden is sending cluster munitions to Ukraine is that it’s all “we have left to send them.” Biden’s move has received criticism from counterparts in Europe that believe America should be recognizing the Convention on Cluster Munitions.

But the convention that bans cluster bombs was never formally agreed upon by the United States or Ukraine.

Biden “waived” restriction on exporting faulty cluster munitions in order to fulfill orders to Ukraine

Gaub told Gowdy that “cluster bombs are basically a whole bunch of tiny bombs inside of a larger shell that, when launched over a specific area…that outer shell will explode outward, and all of those little bomblets will spread all over a large piece of terrain and explode on contact.”

He said that the problem with cluster bombs is that they don’t always explode. The federal government typically has a rule that limits the export of anything with more than a 1% dud rate. The current exports of cluster bombs are “a little over double that number because Biden waived” the restrictions.

“And that’s really the concern, that we’re going to be helping spread these kinds of munitions all over Eastern Europe, which for years to come could cause injury and death,” Gaub explained, before adding that “it’s a multiyear-long problem to clean that kind of thing up.”

He said that is “why many people have issues with us sending them into Ukraine.”

It will take 10 to 15 years to replenish our current munitions supply

Gowdy pressed Gaub to answer how the United States has ended up in a position where we only have cluster bombs to send to Ukraine. He said that it didn’t seem to make sense that “the most prosperous nation on Earth” would have depleted our weapons supply.

“We’re sending it over there faster than we can make it. We have lines that are inactive and unfunded, and we’re not even able to make these munitions and much of the equipment we need for the American military at the pace that we need to maintain our own readiness,” Gaub said.

He warned that his sources in the military are telling him that “it’s going to take us 10 to 15 years to recover from everything we’ve shipped” to Ukraine. The country is “running perilously low on ammunition,” and soon, our military won’t be able to defend our own shores.

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