A Fox host said one sentence that left Joe Biden seething with rage

Joe Biden has always been a petty, thin-skinned politician.

But his last disaster is an unforgivable mistake.

And a Fox host said one sentence that left him seething with rage.

Joe Biden has unleashed crisis after crisis on the country since his regime occupied the White House.

His latest blunder has created a massive nationwide shortage of baby formula.

The out-of-stock percentage for baby formula is at 45% nationwide with some states even higher.

The situation is turning into a catastrophe with infants in Tennessee hospitalized over the shortage.

Joe Biden is turning America into a third world country.

Babies are going hungry and the country is turning to foreign aid from Europe to restock formula supply.

Fox Business host Stuart Varney leveled Biden over this once unthinkable disaster.

“The baby formula shortage is a story of gross government incompetence. It goes all the way up to the top,” Varney said.

“On October 21, 2021, a whistleblower drew attention to problems at a baby formula plant,” he stated.

“It was two months before the Food and Drug Administration interviewed the whistleblower,” he continued.

“It took them another month to inspect the plant, and another two weeks to shut it down and recall the product,” he explained.

“That’s more than three months between the alarm bell and action,” he exclaimed.

“You would have thought that, at that point, with the alarm bells ringing and shortages developing, the government would have a plan to fill the emptying shelves,” he remarked.

“They didn’t,” he added.

“High tariffs and regulations stopped imports from Europe,” he noted.

“You would have thought that HHS (Health and Human Services) Secretary, Xavier Becerra, who is in charge of the FDA, would have jumped on this, changing the regulations and urging lower tariffs. For months, he did nothing,” he commented.

“You never see this guy, and you have to wonder why a man with zero experience in healthcare runs the country’s biggest health bureaucracy,” he pointed out.

Becerra is a career lawyer and political hack who was California’s Attorney General before Biden inexplicably put him in charge of HHS.

“And when did President Biden know about the growing shortage?” Varney wondered.

“Surely his aides told him. Is he ill-informed? Or dragging his feet again?” he asked.

“Finally, last week, a shipment of formula from Europe arrived. And the White House, spinning like crazy, took a victory lap,” he said.

“The spin won’t work. The shelves are still emptying,” he stated.

“Gross incompetence. The world is laughing at us,” he concluded.

The baby formula crisis is a complete failure from a lack of basic competence from the Biden regime.

While Biden has tried to claim he’s not a “mind reader” when confronted about the crisis this problem was brewing for months while he twiddled his thumbs.

Joe Biden’s baby formula blunder is a once unthinkable catastrophe as parents scramble to be able to feed their babies.

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