A Fox News host got caught cursing on air and you won’t believe what happened next

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One of the biggest names at Fox News is now having to explain himself.

It’s a spot he never expected to find himself in.

A Fox News host got caught cursing on air and you won’t believe what happened next.

Fox and Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade went viral for calling RINO Nebraska Congressman Don Bacon a “dumba*s” after he opposed Jim Jordan on the vote for Speaker of the House.

19 other RINOs joined with Bacon to stab their own voters in the back and block Jordan’s bid to become Speaker of the House.

Kilmeade addressed the comment on a subsequent broadcast of his radio show, where he admitted that he got frustrated over RINOs stopping the GOP from electing a Speaker of the House.

“I was on the set of Outnumbered. We were taking the vote live, and this guy votes — Congressman Bacon — doesn’t vote for Jim Jordan. And it just makes, after two weeks, to think about where Republicans were at. We watched [Jordan] lose 20, but that was the first,” Kilmeade began.

“I did not know my mic was open. But next thing you know, by the time I walked upstairs, out of Outnumbered, my seventh hour of broadcasting, my last words were “dumba*s.” Those were the words that were being carried everywhere,” Kilmeade added.

Kilmeade explained that his mic was open for the seven hours he spent on the air between his appearance on Fox and Friends and Outnumbered, but no one cared what he said until he uttered one swear word.

“I was like, “Wow, your mic was open. My mic was open for 6 hours and 58 minutes. Nobody cared what I said, but I say one word on an off-mic moment, and everyone’s like, ‘Wow! I can’t believe you said that,” Kilmeade continued.

Kilmeade closed by taking another shot at the RINOs for stopping the GOP from moving forward with Speaker Jim Jordan.

“No one’s really upset that I said it. No one said I’m wrong that I said it. I am stunned! I’ve never seen somebody commit political suicide, a group of people commit political suicide like this. And after two weeks of therapy, people going home on their own and coming back, they’re still doing the same thing!” Kilmeade continued.

Conservatives around the country agree with Kilmeade’s assertion that Bacon and his fellow Swamp loyalists are a bunch of “dumba***s.”

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