A Fox News host had one unthinkable reaction to Joe Biden arresting Donald Trump

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Rupert Murdoch founded Fox News in 1996 to counteract the media’s pro-Democrat Party cheerleading.

But that’s no longer happening as the 2024 election kicks into high gear.

And this Fox News host had one unthinkable reaction to Joe Biden arresting Donald Trump.

Special Counsel Jack Smith is about to arrest Donald Trump on politically-motivated charges to punish him for contesting the 2020 election.

Since Democrats aren’t sure Biden can win the election based on his failed record in office, the Left is waging lawfare to try and take out Donald Trump.

Of course, Smith indicting Trump over challenging the results of the last election is pure power politics and the criminalization of dissent.

But unbelievably, one of the hosts on Fox News is going along with Joe Biden and Jack Smith’s narrative.

Fans of Fox News Channel have long suspected that host Neil Cavuto was a Never-Trumper.

Cavuto would always fact-check Trump and call him a liar because he opposed whatever Democrat Party narrative the media was trying to push at any given moment.

During a recent broadcast, Cavuto browbeat Trump’s Republican Presidential rival Vivek Ramaswamy about why he rejected Biden weaponizing the Justice Department to indict the former President over political differences.

“You don’t think it’s criminal behavior on the part of the President, should it disqualify him from running for President again?” Cavuto asked.

Ramaswamy said the issue is up to the voters, as America is a democracy, and it is the people’s right to pick their leaders as they see fit.

“I think it should be an issue that the voters weigh when they make their decision,” Ramaswamy answered.

Ramaswamy accepting the premise of democracy – that the people decide – was not good enough for Cavuto, who demanded to know if Smith’s politically motivated charges should disqualify Trump.

“I’m asking you,” Cavuto followed up.

Ramaswamy once again rejected Cavuto’s premise that the Department of Justice and the FBI should work on behalf of the Democrat Party to decide which Republicans are allowed to run for office.

“I’m making my case to the people, Neil. I do not think it should disqualify him legally from running. I think it should affect the decisions that voters make at the ballot box because that’s how we do things in the United States of America. The people of this country decide who leads them through a democratic process in our Constitutional Republic,” Ramaswamy concluded. “So should voters take into account when deciding? Absolutely. I’m making my case in the same election that Trump is and I intend to win, Neil, but I want to win by convincing voters of why they should vote for me, not by having the federal police state eliminate my competition. That’s why I stand on principle. And I say the same thing today that I have at every step of the way.”

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