A Hollywood legend just made one scary prediction about a civil war

Screenshot via Youtube, Fox News

Hollywood actors are not known for their measured views on politics.

But there are a few exceptions.

And a Hollywood legend just made one scary prediction about a civil war.

Hollywood icon Jon Voight is best known for his role in the hit film Midnight Cowboy.

Voight also took home an Academy Award for best actor in the Vietnam War film Coming Home.

Voight – who is also the father of A-list actress Angelina Jolie – is one of the few outspoken conservatives in Hollywood.

In a video posted to social media, Voight issued a dire warning about the lawfare Democrats were waging against Donald Trump and compared it to a “civil war.”

“My fellow Americans, this is a civil war, and this is the time that we must stand for truths,” Voight stated. “If we don’t see this, you, your children, grandchildren, sisters, brothers will all pay the price for this default.”

Neither Voight nor anyone else is actually calling for a civil war.

But Voight believes Democrats are pitting Americans against one another politically by weaponizing the government to bring criminal charges against Donald Trump.

Voight blasted Democrats for allowing smash and grab robberies in big cities and called on conservatives to live by Biblical truths.

“Let us not beg, let us not steal, but allow God’s truths to be yours and mine,” Voight continued. “Let us not hide our pride, but allow God’s greatest truths to show the way.”

Voight called on Americans to oppose the attacks on Donald Trump.

“My only wish is that all can find the truth, that President Trump is a man who wants to save America — the dream, the freedom,” Voight declared.

Voight called on his fellow citizens to avoid the “manipulation of this government to destroy this land, our purpose, our love, our light,” and instead accept the truth to “remind us all that we are a nation that has been free and now our freedom is being taken away with lies and greed.”

Voight became an open conservative in 2008 after he penned an op-ed blasting the anti-war movement and Democrat Party for seeking to tear down the country.

The Hollywood icon apologized for his past left-wing political activism and opposed the Presidential candidacy of Barack Obama.

And today Voight is not backing down in the face of the left-wing orthodoxy in Hollywood.

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