A journalist was fired after reporting on this bombshell story about Joe Biden

Vice President Joe Biden addresses National Defense University at Fort McNair in Washington, April 9, 2015. Biden spoke at NDU about U.S. military successes defeating ISIS. (DoD News photo by EJ Hersom) Public Domain via Picryl

Joe Biden and the Democrats expect the media to carry their water.

When someone goes off the reservation, then that becomes a problem. 

And a journalist was fired after reporting on this bombshell story about Joe Biden.

Multinational media conglomerate Paramount Global laid off 3% of its workforce as the company looks to cut costs.

The New York Post described the 800 layoffs at Paramount Global as a “bloodbath” that included high-profile cuts at CBS News.

Among the cuts was CBS News senior investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge, an Emmy-awarding journalist. 

Herridge – who joined the network in 2019 after leaving Fox News – was one of the few honest journalists working in broadcast news.

She attracted the ire of her CBS colleagues and Democrats for her reporting on Hunter Biden’s influence peddling scandal and his laptop.

Herridge was among the first reporters to get tipped off about the Hunter Biden investigation in 2021, but “she ran into internal roadblocks at CBS News,” the Post reported. 

Right before she was laid off, Herridge reported on more damaging news for President Joe Biden in the fallout from Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report.

The House Oversight, Judiciary, and Ways and Means Committees requested transcripts, audio, and video recordings, as well as any other records from Hur’s two days of interview with Biden as part of their work on the President’s impeachment inquiry. 

It was in that interview that Hur and his investigators discovered the alarming extent of the President’s memory problems.

Biden’s classified documents scandal is connected to the investigation into his family’s influence peddling scheme.

“As explained to Mr. Hur in October, there was concern that President Biden may have retained sensitive documents related to specific countries involving his family’s foreign business dealings,” the House Committees said in a joint letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland requesting the interview material.

That was the last reporting that Herridge worked on for CBS before she was laid off.

The Post reported that some CBS News employees thought the layoffs could be “more than just cost-cutting.”

“Sources said Herridge had clashed with CBS News President Ingrid Ciprian-Matthews — a sharp-elbowed executive who was investigated in 2021 over favoritism and discriminatory hiring and management practices,” the New York Post reported.

“People can’t make sense of this decision,” a source at CBS News said, before adding that Herridge “brought credibility” to the network.

CBS News got rid of an honest, award-winning journalist right after she began working on a potential bombshell story involving Joe Biden.

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