A judge just stopped Joe Biden from doing dangerous things at the border

Joe Biden created an unprecedented illegal alien invasion at the southern border.

Fortunately, Biden will not be able to make matters worse.

And a judge just stopped Joe Biden from doing dangerous things at the border.

North Texas District Court Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk vacated an administration memo rescinding the Remain in Mexico Protocols.

President Trump imposed the Remain in Mexico Protocols to end the policy of catch and release.

Under the Remain in Mexico Protocols, illegal aliens who claim asylum must wait in Mexico for their cases to play out.

Previously, the government would turn illegal aliens free into the country and make them pinky swear they would eventually show up for their court dates.

Joe Biden’s promise to reinstate catch and release was one of the many magnets for illegal aliens Democrats created upon taking power.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton cheered the ruling, as it was his state’s lawsuit that won the day in court and forced Biden to keep the Remain in Mexico Protocols in place.

“I sued Biden nearly 2 yrs. ago to keep Remain-in-Mexico. The Admin played games all the way to SCOTUS, but tonight Texas & USA WINS. I just secured an order from a federal court ordering Biden not to scrap the program. Biden’s open-border agenda won’t survive my legal attacks,” Paxton wrote on Twitter.

Paxton’s ruling came on the heels of a 5-4 Supreme Court decision that allowed the administration to proceed with ending the Remain in Mexico Protocols.

However, the Justices kicked the case back to the District Court where a judge could vacate the memo ending the Remain in Mexico Protocols.

“For the reasons explained, the Government’s rescission of MPP did not violate section 1225 of the INA, and the October 29 Memoranda did constitute final agency action. We therefore reverse the judgment of the Court of Appeals and remand the case for further proceedings consistent with this opinion. On remand, the District Court should consider in the first instance whether the October 29 Memoranda comply with section 706 of the APA,” the Supreme Court opinion read.

Keeping the Remain in Mexico Protocols in place cannot come at a moment too soon.

The Biden administration is set to end Title 42 – which allows for the quick removal of illegal aliens back to their home country – on December 21, and experts are predicting over 400,000 illegal alien border crossings per month once it ends.

Ending the Remain in Mexico Protocols would have added another Category 5 storm to that mix.

Do you support ending catch and release?