A lawsuit involving the NFL just revealed one jaw-dropping allegation about what they are doing to cheerleaders

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The National Football League has been under immense pressure after rumors mounted regarding improprieties they allegedly committed against cheerleaders and female staff members. 

The truth is finally coming out and it is worse than anyone ever imagined.

And a lawsuit involving the NFL just revealed one jaw-dropping allegation about what they are doing to cheerleaders. 

The “Me Too” movement has been taking names

Powerful men and institutions have been falling left and right as a result of the “Me Too” movement. 

The “Me Too” movement has been one of the most powerful social movements in recent history, as men and institutions once considered untouchable have fallen from accusations of sexual misconduct. 

People suspected for years that Jeffrey Epstein was doing unimaginable acts to young girls, but it finally took the “Me Too” movement to bring his atrocities into the light. 

Another example is Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who was once considered untouchable in the industry, is now rotting in a jail cell as a result of his sexual assaults becoming public. 

The National Football League (NFL) is another institution that has faced allegations for several years. 

NFL next to fall to the “Me Too” movement?

People have been claiming for years that the National Football League treats its cheerleaders and some staff members very inappropriately. 

And some of those accusations have already been proven to be true. 

A bombshell investigation by federal agencies released this past year showed that Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder had taken and saved numerous sexually inappropriate photos of cheerleaders. 

The report found that Dan Snyder and the Washington Commanders saved the videos and photos of cheerleaders that “were sent by former Washington team President Bruce Allen to former Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden and several other people.”

But now the sights are being turned directly on the NFL. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, former NFL Film human resources employee Victoria Russell was fired for revealing that the group kept “sexualized and offensive descriptions of women” in a company database. 

And now Victoria Russell is suing NFL Films.

In her complaint, she goes into great detail about how the company is inappropriately storing information about NFL cheerleaders. 

Russell alleges that NFL Films kept a database of timestamps with descriptions on films that it had to use at a later date.

Some of the descriptions allegedly include “cheerleaders buttocks,” “cheerleaders rear end,” “female fan in bikini top,” “naughty camera work,” “close up of cheerleader’s breasts; cleavage shot,” “shot of endowed woman,” and “random woman, cleavage shot.”

According to NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy, the claims in the lawsuit by Russell are fabricated. 

McCarthy explained how Russell does not have the credentials to see how the footage will be used in the future because “[t]hose frames are logged as ‘sensitive’ so that they can be removed from circulation, meaning they will not be accessible to employees whose job it is to locate footage for productions.”

Only time will tell if this lawsuit goes anywhere.

But it is another ding in the reputation of the NFL and the ongoing allegations of sexual misconduct against the organization. 

Do you believe the NFL’s claim of no wrongdoing in sexual misconduct allegations?