A major development in the Hunter Biden investigation just proved Donald Trump right once again

Screenshot via YouTube, CSPAN

Donald Trump predicted every move that Biden and the Democrats would make to destroy America.

He warned of open borders, skyrocketing crime, and the endless witch hunts that still haunt him today.

Now a major development in the Hunter Biden investigation just proved Donald Trump right once again.

Trump predicted exactly what would happen to Hunter Biden

Ever since Joe Biden took power in 2021, the Justice Department has done everything it can to support the Democrat agenda. It pushed forward with the political persecution of Donald Trump while ignoring the mountain of evidence that would implicate Biden and his family.

After intense public pressure, Merrick Garland appointed a Special Counsel to investigate evidence found on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Donald Trump previously addressed the investigation and made a bold prediction about the outcome of the case.

In a post on June 6, Trump said “they’ll hit Hunter with something small” to legitimize their relentless investigations against him. Since Hunter Biden is taking a plea deal on misdemeanor charges, it looks like the former President got it right once again!

The media quickly jumped to Hunter’s defense and tried to explain away the injustice.

Associated Press paints Hunter’s drug use in a sympathetic light

The Associated Press reported that President Biden’s son will “plead guilty to misdemeanor tax offenses and is expected to reach an agreement with prosecutors on the felony charges of illegally possessing a firearm as a drug user.” They called the circumstances “unusual, though not unheard of.”

They said this brings an end to a “long-running” investigation into Hunter Biden, “who acknowledged struggling with addiction following the 2015 death of his brother Beau Biden.” The article correctly pointed out that it would protect the President from “distracting headlines.”

The AP made sure to point out that Trump is also in the middle of a legal battle against a “37-count indictment” surrounding his handling of classified documents. They said that Trump’s case had “even more dramatic political implications” that should not be ignored.

While the press was covering for Hunter, one former US Attorney said the charges did not go far enough.

Former US Attorney: Merrick Garland’s DOJ is “ignoring” historic precedent

Former US Attorney Brett L. Tolman wrote on Twitter that the “DOJ is violating its own internal policies on this case.” According to The Ashcroft Memo, he said the DOJ was mandated to “charge the ‘highest provable offense’”.  He called the prosecutor an “absolute laughable joke.”

He said Merrick Garland is “ignoring decades of policy and precedent to seek felonies, not misdemeanors, and seek sentences within the guideline range.” He called the plea agreement “offensive to everyone not politically connected” who have faced similar charges.

“Thousands of people have been prosecuted under Project Safe Neighborhoods by the DOJ. They brag about getting nearly 5 years of prison time on average for their gun cases. If they followed policy, Hunter would be looking at a minimum of 5 years in federal prison. But he’s a Biden,” Tolman wrote.

Tolman went on to slam the DOJ for ignoring additional context in the case. He included the use of a firearm to commit a “drug crime” and his possession of alleged “child pornography.” America is truly in uncharted territory, nd it’s going to take a herculean move to reverse course.

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