A missing $12 million is about to be the latest Joe Biden scandal to explode

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Joe Biden’s Presidency is best by allegations of corruption and investigations.

Now Biden is in for some more bad news.

And that’s because missing $12 million is about to be the latest Joe Biden scandal to explode.

A Washington Free Beacon investigation found a $12 million discrepancy between the 2021 Federal Election Commission filings for the pro-Biden Super PAC Future Forward.

Future Forward claimed it only received $3.4 million in donations from the affiliated 501c(4) nonprofit Future Forward USA Action.

But 2021 IRS filings for Future Forward USA Action showed it donated $15.3 million to the Super PAC.

Experts told the Free Beacon that the filings were misleading and worthy of investigations.

“The apparent numerous and blatant discrepancies in the recent filings by both the nonprofit and the Super PAC are beyond troubling,” executive director of watchdog group Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust, Kendra Arnold, told the Free Beacon.

“This situation calls for an investigation,” Arnold declared, telling the Free Beacon that the discrepancies in the filings are “a telltale sign of inaccuracies and a deeper problem.” 

“If the filings are not accurate, then not only are they worthless, but they are misleading,” Arnold added.

Nonprofit attorney Jason Torchinsky told the Free Beacon that the Super PAC failing to report all contributions “would be a serious matter that the Federal Election Commission would investigate.”

“It seems very odd to tell the IRS that you sent $15 million to a super PAC, but to only have that Super PAC report $3 million,” Torchinsky continued. “If the FEC determined that there were $12 million in underreported receipts by a super PAC, that could result in a substantial fine because FEC penalties are often assessed based on the amount at issue.”

501c(4) groups can accept unlimited contributions and they do not have to disclose their donors to the federal government.

These are fundamental tenets of free speech.

There are also no limits on Super PAC contributions, but the organization must make its donors public.

Individuals who want to give far beyond the legal campaign limit to a candidate are allowed to donate to a 501c(4) group that can in turn contribute to a Super PAC.

That is not the issue in this case.

The scandal is the mismatched filings that could potentially indicate fraud or misleading bookkeeping.

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