A new report just blew the lid off the Left’s fact-checking censorship scheme

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Big Tech is waging a war against conservatives and freedom-minded people across the country.

So-called fact-checkers are used to shut down and silence dissenting voices on social media.

But a new report just blew the lid off the Left’s fact-checking censorship scheme.

Fact-checkers are waging a war against conservatives on social media platforms

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, Big Tech has been openly censoring the American public. They choose what the people get to say and read online. For the most part, the information that has been allowed to flow favors the radical Left.

Conservative influencers have called attention to the fact that they are disproportionately impacted by online censorship. But the Left claims it’s due to the alleged misinformation that exclusively flows out of right-leaning pundits and publications.

This is allegedly evidenced by groups that have become known as fact-checkers. The social media sites use talking points by these groups to disprove alternatives to the official narrative. Once a so-called fact-checker has spoken, social media companies can then take down the information.

Now a new study from the Washington Free Beacon is blowing the lid off of fact-checkers.

A disproportionate amount of donations made by fact-checkers go to Democrat candidates

Conservatives have been claiming that they’re the only ones who get fact-checked, and it seems that they may have been correct. A study published by the Washington Free Beacon showed that nearly 100 percent of fact-checkers donate to political groups that favor Democrat candidates and causes.

The report analyzed campaign contributions from fact-checking employees at 40 different media groups. Some of the most prolific names in media were on the list, including Reuters, the New Yorker, Google, CBS News, and the New York Times.

They found that fact-checkers at these organizations have donated just over $100 in total to Republican candidates while Democrats have received $22,580. These findings have confirmed a long-standing concern that fact-checking groups favor Democrats and their ideological projects.

But the money actually flows both ways.

Fact-checking groups received “millions” from the Biden administration for work around 2020 election

Elon Musk exposed censorship when he took over Twitter. Now it’s becoming clear that many of the sites that claim they are identifying credible information are doing so in support of the establishment.

John Solomon, a reporter at Just the News, exposed “a consortium of four private groups” working with “the Departments of Homeland Security and State to censor massive numbers of social media posts they considered misinformation during the 2020 election.”

This consortium included groups like Stanford Internet Observatory and the University of Washington’s Center for an Informed Republic. These groups have reportedly received “millions of federal dollars from the Biden administration” because of their work in censoring public speech.

Leftists will argue that these groups are private entities and as such cannot be held to the same standard as government actors. However, recent Supreme Court decisions indicate that a private entity can be labeled as a state actor if employed by government contracts.

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