A number of counties in Oregon are voting for this historic move that could tear the country apart

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In living memory, Americans have never seen a clearer political divide in our culture and politics.

Many people are openly discussing a national divorce that would result in two separate countries.

And a number of counties in Oregon are voting for this historic move that could tear the country apart.

Wallowa County approves moving from Oregon to “Greater Idaho”

When people say “national divorce,” a lot of times we think of a north-south dividing line, reminiscent of the days of the US Civil War. However, a movement in Oregon could show that the divide might not happen as clean as some might expect.

Multiple conservative counties have been voting to secede from the state and join the neighboring state of Idaho. They call it the “Greater Idaho” movement and it’s beginning to pick up steam.

Wallowa County just became the 12th county in Oregon to join the movement after a special election on June 6. The election finished with a slim margin of just 7 votes, which was enough to avoid a required recount.

The historic campaign that began in 2020 has received unanimous support from polled counties.

The proposal has been unopposed in all counties that have voted on it

So far, a total of twelve counties have voted on a measure that would allow them to officially consider the process and implications of such a move. Out of the twelve counties that have voted on the measure, no one has opposed the idea of creating a “Greater Idaho.”

Idaho Republican State Representative Judy Boyle said she supports the movement. The native to eastern Oregon said that residents are ready for change because “they have been quite frustrated with the liberal I-5 western Oregon corridor running their state and completely ignoring their values and needs.”

Democrats disagree with the movement and refuse to take it seriously. Idaho Democrat Senate Minority Leader Melissa Wintrow said she is “very pleased this measure has virtually no chance of advancing into reality” and added that she is “opposed to it at all levels.”

It’s difficult to say which side is correct at this point, but it will have major effects if it does proceed .

Move would result in 21 percent increase in Idaho’s population

After Wallowa’s official results came in, a Crook County court announced that they would be holding a ballot measure in May of 2024. That would leave just two more of the original 15 counties needed to vote on the proposal for it to move forward.

If all 15 counties vote in favor of the proposal, it would still be up to the legislature to decide whether to respect the will of the conservative counties or not. Once the state legislature gives its approval, it would also need to be voted on by the U.S. Congress.

A successful merger of eastern Oregon counties with the state of Idaho would result in Idaho’s population increasing by 21 percent. The Claremont Institute concluded in a study that this would effectively result in an additional $170 million in revenue for Idaho.

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