A pair of Obama and Biden-appointed judges just left Democrats seething with rage with these decisions

The U.S. Supreme Court issued some landmark rulings this session.

The repercussions are just now rippling through the lower courts.

And a pair of Obama and Biden-appointed judges just left Democrats seething with rage with these decisions.

The dominoes are now beginning to fall in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decision that sent gun-grabbers nearly into orbit.

Judges temporarily blocked gun control regulations in multiple Colorado jurisdictions

According to the Greeley Tribune, Obama-appointed U.S. District Court Judge Raymond Moore granted Rocky Mountain Gun Owners (RMGO) a temporary restraining order against the town of Superior’s attempt to ban so-called “assault weapons” back in July.

And just this week, Biden-appointed U.S. District Court Judge Charlotte Sweeney issued a restraining order against Boulder County’s attempt to enforce its ban on magazines and so-called “assault weapons.”

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, the Colorado state affiliate of the National Association for Gun Rights, is also suing the cities of Louisville and Boulder, both of which are trying to enforce unConstitutional local level gun and magazine bans.

All of the lawsuits have now been consolidated into a single case.

In his decision to grant a temporary restraining order against the town of Superior’s gun ban, Judge Moore based it on RMGO’s establishing “a likelihood of prevailing on the merits” in their case.

What this means is that since the Supreme Court handed down its Bruen decision this summer in which it established a clear principle for interpretation of the Second Amendment based on the historical text and context of the amendment, many gun control measures are likely to fail this basic test and thus be scrapped entirely.

Gun control arguments decimated

For years, the gun control crowd has tried to argue that somehow the words of the Second Amendment don’t mean what they say and that clearly the Founders didn’t intend to allow civilians at large to own firearms.

Of course, this is completely contrary to actual historical record and what the Founders clearly intended when drafting the Second Amendment.

What is clear is that the Bruen decision has significantly altered the legal landscape when it comes to Second Amendment cases.

To have two Democrat-appointed judges to admit that RMGO is likely to succeed in their challenges to the local restrictions means that there is a seismic shift about to happen in the battle for the right to keep and bear arms.

Pretty soon we could see gun control regimes in anti-gun bastions like California, New York, and New Jersey get tossed by the courts.

Supreme Court under siege

Of course, Democrats and the left-wing outrage mob are throwing an absolutely hissy fit over not just the Bruen decision, but also Dobbs and West Virginia v. EPA, all of which struck major blows to the leftist agenda.

Democrats in Washington, D.C. and across the country were saber rattling even before these rulings that the Supreme Court needed to be packed by Joe Biden, or stripped of its authority, or just abolished outright.

The truth of the matter is that the Left only has itself to blame for the recent rulings as they have continuously weaponized the courts to advance their radical agenda.

It is likely in the months and years ahead that there will be several more decisions handed down by the conservative-leaning Supreme Court that is going to irk Democrats and their allies even more, further giving fuel to their calls to radically alter the Supreme Court.

Conservatives must take these threats seriously, because as we know all too well the political Left plays for keeps and that the ends always justify the means for them, whether it be by hook or by crook.

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