A private school teacher just proved with this racist statement radical ideas aren’t just coming from government school teachers

Everyone knows just how radical government school teachers have become under the thumb of the teachers union bosses.

Most Americans think things are better in private schools.

But a schoolteacher at an elite private school proved with one racist comment radical ideas aren’t just coming from government schools.

The last couple of years have been very telling for America’s education system.

Government-run schools are a disaster after years of being run by teachers union bosses and government bureaucrats.

And the disastrous way the schools handled COVID-19 even worsened the situation.

But what most people don’t realize is it’s not just the government schools that have become a problem.

White people are “poison”

America’s private schools, including many of the most elite in the country are falling prey to socialist ideology as well.

One recent example of this is the teacher at an elite private school in California who called whiteness “poison” and pledged to expose white students to “racially stressful encounters.” 

She made these comments in a letter to parents obtained by Breitbart News.

Victoria Rosenberg, who teaches middle school English at the St. Matthew’s Parish School, began her letter by promoting and applauding the Critical Race Theory conferences “Be About It” and “National Anti-Racism Teach In.” 

Her letter was titled “Dismantling White Supremacy in an Independent School” and in it she praised the conferences for posing the topic “what it means to be anti-racist and how whiteness has dominated our lives.” 

Her letter celebrates the “National Anti-Racism Teach In” conference specifically for their discussion of “the effects of whiteness, implicit biases, and racist practices in the sphere of education.”

Every subject should include anti-racist ideology

In her letter, Rosenberg argues that parents and teachers “have all been socialized with the same poison of whiteness.” 

She then advocates for the inclusion of “anti-racist teaching into all subjects at all grade levels” based on the belief it will give white students more “exposure” to “racially stressful encounters.”

The radical teacher then specifically argued such encounters will prepare white students to be woke activists who can become better at “processing, discussing, and enacting change against white supremacy.”

She then goes on to state she believes teachers must indoctrinate students with the leftist views about race from a young age, writing, “Because of the capitalistic system in which we participate, our students are the future ruling class. As such, we have an obligation to teach racial literacy from the onset.”

Rosenberg’s letter also tells parents that she has “a responsibility” to “consistently expose my students to abolitionist ideology” for the sake of “collective liberation.” 

The teacher concludes her letter by laying out her own intention of creating “collaborators” and “co-conspirators.”

The National Anti-Racism Teach-In conference included leading Critical Race Theorists, including author of the 1619 Project, Nikole Hannah-Jones. 

The organization claims that “Racism and white supremacy exist today, and all members of this society are active participants in it. No exceptions,” a primary belief of CRT.

It’s a national radical movement

St. Matthew’s Parish School is an elite private school located in California’s Pacific Palisades, and costs nearly $40,000 for 7th and 8th graders.

St. Matthew’s is also associated with the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS).

The NAIS has a history of promoting both Critical Race Theory and “queer inclusive,” transgender ideology on young students.

A network of concerned parents known as “Undercover Mothers” has formed to fight back against the indoctrination of students at the hands of the NAIS. 

And following exposés by the Undercover Mothers, Congressman Jim Banks (R-IN) said he will investigate the NAIS if the Republicans retake the majority in Congress. 

Banks specifically scrutinized the NAIS’s role in political advocacy despite its 501(c)(3) status as a non-profit.

No wonder more and more Americans are choosing to Homeschool their children.

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