A reporter asked Karine Jean-Pierre one important question that turned her into a bumbling mess

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is used to softball questions from the legacy media.

She can’t handle the tough ones.

And a reporter asked Karine Jean-Pierre one important question that turned her into a bumbling mess.

The border crisis unfolding as a result of President Joe Biden and Democrats’ open borders agenda is becoming a disaster too big for the White House to ignore.

As such, the Biden regime’s chief propagandist, Karine Jean-Pierre, has resorted to outright lies and bumbling answers to explain their botched handling of the Biden border crisis.

She actually claimed that not a single illegal alien has walked across the southern border, and that the President has “done the work” to secure the border, while struggling to answer questions on the unprecedented surge of illegal immigration. 

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy is one of the few journalists interested in actually doing his job and asking the tough questions.

Doocy put Jean-Pierre on the spot about the Biden border crisis during a recent press briefing, and she just ended up tripping all over herself trying to come up with an answer.

In response to Doocy, the Press Secretary was eventually able to spit out the absolutely laughably claim that President Biden has worked on border security since his first day in office.

Doocy pressed her asking, “roughly 7,000 migrants crossing everyday illegally. Does the White House believe that the border is secure?”

“I’ve told you what we have done, what we have made this a priority,” Jean-Pierre replied.

“These things that you have done, are they working?” Doocy shot back.

Jean-Pierre, of course, proceeded to spout out the utterly ridiculous claim that border security is a priority for the Biden regime after more than five million illegals have entered the country since President Biden took office.

She fumbled around trying to explain that Biden has taken “historic actions” to secure the border.

“Here’s the thing, Peter,” Jean-Pierre replied. “The president has taken historic actions that no other president has been able to do. When you think about the 23,000 agents that he has been able– we have been able to put out there to deal with the issue that we’re seeing at the border, and that is something that he did without a lot of Republican support, right, make sure that we are dealing with a real issue.”

If by “historic actions” she is referring to the historically disastrous actions undertaken by Biden to create the worst border crisis in American history, Jean-Pierre hit the nail on the head.

“And we have to be very careful here, Peter, on how we talk about this, because if we talk about it in a way that is misinformation, then it helps the smugglers, and so these are the issues that the President is taking incredibly seriously, and again, I will say this – I just said it moments ago – he’s willing to work with Republicans,” Jean-Pierre claimed.

So-called “misinformation” is Democrats’ buzzword for conservative speech and/or facts they want silenced because it contradicts their fabricated political narrative.

The Biden regime has laughably claimed that Republicans who point out that the border is wide open are somehow fueling the human trafficking of illegal aliens, not the wide-open border itself.

Republicans are being attacked for so-called “misinformation” for simply pointing out the fact that the border is open under the Biden regime.

Karine Jean-Pierre is falling flat on her face complaining that Republicans noticed Joe Biden’s failure on the border.

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