A RINO traitor got the shock of his life when he walked into this closed door meeting

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Conservatives are fed up with their Party’s RINO leadership in Congress.

The anger came to a head in an Unbelievable scene.

And now a RINO traitor got the shock of his life when he walked into this closed door meeting.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is one of the most despised political figures in America.

McConnell is Joe Biden’s most loyal ally in the Senate, and for the first two years of his Presidency, he functioned as the Democrat Party’s 51st vote.

In 2021 and 2022, McConnell helped Democrats raise the debt ceiling, fund Joe Biden’s open borders agenda, impose the Green New Deal, ram the biggest assault on the Second Amendment in 30 years through Congress, and pass hundreds of billions of dollars in corporate welfare bailouts.

But what especially appalled conservatives was Mitch McConnell’s declaration that the number one priority for the GOP was securing the border in Ukraine.

McConnell vowed to move heaven and earth to make sure Joe Biden got a blank check for the war in Ukraine while actively helping him open America’s southern border for a historic wave of illegal immigration.

Now Joe Biden is demanding Congress pass a $106 billion slush fund that includes another $60 billion for the war in Ukraine, $9 billion in “humanitarian” aid for Gaza and business interests in Ukraine, and billions more to help traffic an even greater number of illegal aliens into American cities.

Biden tried to force Republicans to accept this spending package by including $14 billion in military aid for Israel.

McConnell made the rounds on the Sunday shows by offering his full throated support for Joe Biden’s latest attempt to sell out American taxpayers.

But when McConnell met with Senate Republicans to discuss the matter, he faced a wall of opposition to Biden’s Ukraine slush fund.

“Mitch made a plea to keep it all together. Nobody else spoke up in favor of that position. A lot of folks said ‘Israel unites us, and the Ukraine issue divides us; let’s move Israel’ money on its own,” one Republican Senator told The Hill.

Ohio conservative Senator J.D. Vance argued that Republicans should break up the spending bill since the majority of conservatives in the GOP oppose flushing more money down the toilet on Biden’s endless war in Ukraine.

“I made the argument I’ve been making publicly that for both political and policy reasons we should not allow Israel to be held hostage in support of Ukraine. They’re fundamentally different issues. We should debate them separately, we should decide on them separately,” Vance told reporters.

“My main takeaway from the lunch is there is a lot of disagreement within the conference about advancing this thing as a four-bucket package as presented by the Biden administration,” Vance added. “I think the way the President has approached this is fundamentally dead on arrival.”

Conservatives are in open rebellion against establishment warmongers like McConnell who conspire with Democrats to treat taxpayers like Ukraine’s personal piggy bank at a time when the nation is $33 trillion in debt and more illegal aliens have entered America since Joe Biden took office than live in 12 small states.

McConnell’s unyielding loyalty to Ukraine and not the Constitution or the American people have pushed his colleagues past the breaking point.

And the RINO McConnell had no idea he was walking into a buzzsaw when he showed up to pitch his colleagues on supporting Joe Biden’s slush fund for the war in Ukraine.

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