A terrifying new study revealed a dangerous link between birth control and this severe health outcome in teenagers

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The modern-day feminist movement has been shaped by the profound impact of the sexual revolution.

Young women are taught that contraceptives are a normal part of taking control of their sexual identity.

But a terrifying new study revealed a dangerous link between birth control and this severe health outcome in teenagers.

Government data shows annual increase in reported depression among women

Political leaders in the modern-day feminist movement have been telling young women for decades that they should take control of their sexuality and not be afraid to live their lives the way they see fit. That trend has been catalyzed by the advent of oral contraceptives (OCs).

Feminists have long argued that their sexual liberation would lead to more happiness. However, in reality, women are becoming more stressed and depressed. According to the National Library of Medicine, women are reporting increasing rates of depression each year.

Researchers have been trying to figure out what is causing this disturbing trend in women, and now one group believes it found the answer. The group believes the problem might be related to the proliferation of contraceptives—especially by those under the age of 20.

The study suggests a major increase in depression among women who have taken oral contraceptives.

Researchers find “causal relationship” between oral contraceptives and depression

Researchers at Cambridge University have published a report that they say shows a direct connection between oral contraceptives and depression. The survey, which included over 250,000 females, found that women who take oral contraceptives are twice as likely to experience depression.

“Our findings suggest that the use of [oral contraceptives], particularly during the first 2 years, increases the risk of depression,” the report stated. They said that the numbers don’t just indicate correlation, but they also show a “causal relationship between OC use and depression.”

They said that “the risk was not as pronounced beyond the first 2 years,” but emphasized that these drugs are leading to an “increased lifetime risk of depression.” They said this should be taken very seriously by physicians and patients alike.

They warned that this problem gets even worse when patients use OCs early in life.

Teenage girls are 130% more likely to develop depression after being prescribed OCs

According to CDC data from 2015 to 2017, nearly two thirds of American women aged 15 to 49 used some form of contraceptive. CDC data also shows nearly one in five females under the age of 20 are prescribed oral contraceptives by their physicians.

The researchers at Cambridge believe that this could have detrimental effects on young developing women. “The powerful influence of contraceptive pills on teenagers” can be attributed to the “hormonal changes” happening during puberty.

When oral contraceptives are added to the profound chemical changes already happening in young women, there is an even higher risk of depression. The researchers said that this dangerous combination results in a 130% increase in depression compared to those not prescribed OCs.

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