A top Biden administration official was caught saying the quiet part out loud about record-high gas prices

Gas prices have never been higher than they are under President Joe Biden.

More evidence is coming out that it may not be entirely accidental or even “Putin’s price hike.”

And now one high-ranking Biden Administration official just said the quiet part out loud about Democrats’ energy plans.

Americans are struggling from the pain they feel when they fill up their cars.

And while the President blames the bank-breaking fuel costs on Russian President Vladimir Putin – that can’t be the case, because prices at the pumps began rising as soon as Biden was elected President, well before Putin made a move on Ukraine.

The fact is, Joe Biden has a long history of fighting against fossil fuels.

And now one of his top officials just said a truth you weren’t supposed to know, live on air.

President Biden’s State Department spokesperson, Ned Price, was recently interviewed on MSNBC about the continued spike in gas prices.

During the conversation, Price made a startling admission.

“We’re working with our European allies, as well as others . . . to ultimately transition away from fossil fuels entirely,” Price said. “We’ll continue this transition to renewable sources of energy that will see to it that neither the United States or any country around the world is held hostage to a country like Russia, who can close the spicket whenever they so choose.”

Under former President Donald Trump, America had reached energy independence status – producing more fuel than we consume and having plenty leftover to be a net exporter of energy sources.

However, Joe Biden put an end to that right away.

In fact, one of the first things he did once he reached the Oval Office was terminate the Keystone XL Pipeline.

His administration has also rejoined the Paris Accord, banned new licenses for drilling and natural gas and enacted onerous regulations on energy companies that aren’t “green” enough to get the thumbs up from AOC.

To make matters worse, Biden tapped into the U.S. Strategic Oil reserve, which is meant for American use during emergencies.

Unfortunately, Bloomberg News has reported the President is shipping off American oil to Europe to help Europeans deal with crippling fuel costs.

And why would Biden want to keep American oil here, when his administration believes $60,000 electric cars are the answer to $5 per gallon gas.

And the President wasn’t the only one in his administration that doesn’t want to let this gas price crisis go to waste.

None of this should be a surprise to American voters – it’s exactly what Biden campaigned on doing.

To President Biden, members of his administration and radical enviro-nuts, record-high gas prices aren’t a problem, they’re a solution by design.

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