A top Democrat in Congress called Nancy Pelosi one word that has all hell breaking loose

The Midterm elections are less than six weeks away.

With control of Congress on the line, infighting among Democrats is the last thing Nancy Pelosi wants to deal with right now.

But a top Democrat in Congress just called Nancy Pelosi one word that has all hell breaking loose.

The writing is on the wall for Nancy Pelosi

For nearly 20 years, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has served as the Democrat leader in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Democrats have suffered through several embarrassing defeats under Pelosi’s leadership, including in 2010, where she lost control of the House in the biggest landslide defeat any party has ever taken in a Midterm election.

The November Midterms are expected to be Speaker Pelosi’s toughest battle yet.

Republicans only need to flip five seats in the House to take back the majority and oust Pelosi from power.

Speaker Pelosi is already trying to deal with stopping Joe Biden’s disastrous Presidency from dragging down Democrats across the board.

With the Midterm elections just around the corner, Pelosi needs Democrats unified together behind a central message.

A major legislative failure was the last thing Pelosi needed

The STOCK Act is a 2012 law that prohibits lawmakers from using inside information to profit from stock trading.

But many Democrats have been calling for a complete ban on trading stocks by lawmakers. 

However, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is blocking the efforts to bring up the legislation to impose tougher restrictions on members of Congress trading stocks.

Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA) represents a swing district in Virginia, which makes her more willing to speak out in opposition against Democrat leadership in an effort to convince voters that she is a “moderate” Democrat.

On Thursday, Rep. Spanberger blasted Nancy Pelosi for not allowing the bill to come up for a vote, declaring it a “failure of House leadership.”

“After first signaling her opposition to these reforms, the Speaker purportedly reversed her position,” Spanberger said. “However, our bipartisan reform coalition was then subjected to repeated delay tactics, hand-waving gestures, and blatant instances of Lucy pulling the football.”

Looking for new blood

Congresswoman Spanberger then called for Democrats to elect new leadership in the House.

“This moment marks a failure of House leadership — and it’s yet another example of why I believe that the Democratic Party needs new leaders in the halls of Capitol Hill,” she said.

Instead of finding consensus, Spanberger said Speaker Pelosi and other Democrat leaders “chose to ignore these voices, push them aside, and look for new ways they could string the media and the public along.”

Of course, this is a sensitive issue for Nancy Pelosi.

Fortune reported that Pelosi’s husband, Paul, profited by selling tech stocks just before a House committee voted to regulate Big Tech giants, like Google, and also bought Microsoft stock just before that company won a lucrative federal government contract.

Paul Pelosi also purchased millions of dollars of stock in Nvidia, one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies, before the Senate voted on a $52 billion corporate welfare bill that would benefit the corporation — even though their products are actually manufactured in Taiwan.

Nancy Pelosi is 82-years-old.

Many Democrats are ready to toss out the old leadership and replace them with younger members.

And a Democrat Congresswoman calling out Pelosi just five weeks before the Midterm elections proves her time as Democrats’ leader is likely up, no matter what happens on November 8.

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