A top golfer in the LPGA stunned fans into silence after she was spotted showing this off to the crowd

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Few sports allow fans to get up close and personal like professional golf. 

But fans just got an up close look at something they have never seen before in the LPGA. 

And a top golfer in the LPGA stunned fans into silence after she was spotted showing this off to the crowd.

Golf is a sport made for fans

Some people claim that golf is boring. 

But those people have never been to a majors tournament.

Some sports might have more action-packed plays, but no other sport has fan involvement like golf. 

For one, fans are part of the course. 

Fans need to keep their head on a swivel at a PGA tournament since a rogue ball might be heading for them. 

And fans oftentimes need to move for golfers if they are forced to play their ball in the gallery. 

But golfers also interact with fans on a personal level that you will never see in other professional sports. 

It’s not that uncommon for golfers to go down the line of fans and sign autographs.

But even with the close interaction with fans, golfers generally keep a level of professionalism about them that puts the PGA in a good light. 

Is Charley Hull the LPGA version of John Daly?

When fans saw Charley Hull puffing some lung darts while interacting with those in attendance, they couldn’t believe their eyes. 

For those who don’t know, Charley Hull is one of the biggest names in the LPGA. 

Charley has been making a name for herself in the LPGA, as she has won two LPGA majors recently. 

And Charley even finished second last year in the U.S. Women’s Open. 

The rising LPGA star is a fan favorite heading into this year’s U.S. Women’s Open.

As you would imagine, Charley has a long line of fans waiting for her signature at the U.S. Women’s Open.

But Charley was puffing on a cigarette as she signed autographs.


Some online claimed that she smoked nearly half a pack during a round of golf last weekend.

Many fans are now comparing her to rogue golfer John Daly, who has become a fan favorite with his uncommon habits on the golf course.

John Daly has been known to throw back a few packs of smokes and some beers while on the course. 

Recently, the legend made headlines for smoking two packs of cigarettes, eating four Snickers bars, and drinking two cans of Coke during the first round of this year’s PGA Championship. 

But being compared to John Daly isn’t a bad thing. 

Honestly, the LPGA needs a John Daly figure in the Tour to bring more people to the league.

If Charley keeps this level of antics up on the course, then she will have the biggest following in LPGA history. 

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