A top NBA Draft prospect’s mother spilled the beans on one twisted secret that cost him millions of dollars

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It’s nothing new for off-court issues to prevent a top NBA Draft prospect from being selected with as high of a pick as the so-called “experts” were predicting.

But this off-court issue is certainly a first.

And a top NBA Draft prospect’s mother spilled the beans on one twisted secret that cost him millions of dollars.

A strange drop

Heading into last week’s NBA Draft, former Duke center Kyle Filipowski was widely considered a consensus first round talent.

Filiposkwi had displayed a rare skill set for a 7-foot big man throughout the year at Duke and proved to be capable of not only holding his own in the paint, but also stretching the floor and knocking down long-range jump shots.

After being named to the All-ACC First Team and All-Freshman Team, while also winning ACC Freshman of the Year and ACC Tournament MVP honors, he seemed like the perfect big man prospect for the modern NBA.

But the draft’s first round came and went with all 30 NBA teams passing on Filipowski in favor of selecting less-heralded prospects.

Many draft analysts and media talking heads attempted to brush off Filipowski’s slide.

As Yahoo! Sports put it, they claimed it was merely the result of other prospects’ stock “rising after workouts and team meetings.” 

Other reports added that Filipowski’s own workouts and meetings with prospective teams didn’t go well, as the former Duke big man appeared “nervous” and off his game.

But while that was the prevailing narrative being pushed by the sports media, rumors started to leak out that indicated there could be something much deeper.

“What’s going on with his girlfriend?”

In an interview on The Lowe Post podcast, ESPN draft analyst Jonathan Givony noted that Filipowski was “nervous” and “didn’t make shots” in his workouts, but also alluded to a potential issue with his “older girlfriend,” Caitlin Hutchison, and his parents that may have factored into team’s decision to pass on him.

“The workouts weren’t great,” Givony told host Zach Lowe. “People tell me there were question marks about the interviews — they said he was nervous, he didn’t make shots at the pro day, what’s going on with his girlfriend?”

“He has an older girlfriend, she’s like 25 or 26, and people are like, ‘Ahh, this is weird,’” he added. “He doesn’t talk to his parents.”

Needless to say, Givony’s vague mention of something going on with the 20-year-old Filipowski’s “older girlfriend,” as well as his apparent estrangement from his parents, sent the internet into a frenzy of speculation.

But it was apparently Filipowski’s own mother and brother who ended up spilling the beans on the family drama that apparently cost him millions of dollars.

X accounts that apparently belong to his mother, Becky, and brother, Daniel, explained in numerous posts that they believe Filipowski has been the victim of “Mormon grooming.”

They alleged that Hutchinson is 28-years-old and set out three years ago – when he was still in high school, and therefore, a minor – with a plan to brainwash and “groom” Filipowski into her Mormon lifestyle and, ultimately, a marriage proposal before he left Duke for millions of dollars in NBA earnings.

“You are opening up a two year issue,” Becky wrote. “And she is 28 with an endgame 3 years ago to have a diamond ring on her hand when Kyle left Duke. HE WAS STILL IN [high school].”

The perfect landing spot

Daniel also alleged that no one outside the immediate family knew about the ordeal other than Duke’s coaching staff and his agent, which could open them up to serious questions should this ordeal continue to unravel.

While none of the details shared by the family members have been confirmed, some reports have verified that she graduated from the University of Alabama in 2018, which would be the year most 28-year-olds who graduated from college in four years walked across the stage.

In a rather hilarious twist, Filipowski was ultimately drafted by the Utah Jazz, which will allow him to live in Salt Lake City, where close to 50% of the local population are members of the Mormon church.

Whether or not this story is 100% true, only partially true, or completely false, having family members suggest a draft prospect is the victim of “Mormon grooming” may just be the wildest story to ever come out of an NBA Draft.

Either way, one would have to expect that Kyle Filipowski will have plenty of questions to answer once his rookie season media obligations begin in earnest.

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