A top Obama advisor just dropped a truth bomb on Biden’s failed energy policies

At this point, it seems pretty obvious that Joe Biden and his administration are incapable of doing anything right. 

Even many Democrats are becoming fed up with Joe Biden’s failure as President. 

And a top Obama advisor just dropped a truth bomb on Biden’s failed energy policies.

Joe Biden has plunged America into a full blown energy crisis

There is simply no way to deny that America has been plunged into a full-blown energy crisis. 

Not only is gas still nearly $5 a gallon (if not higher in many parts of the nation), but the supply chains to deliver oil and gas across the nation are largely shattered. 

Make no mistake, nearly all of these problems can be traced back to Joe Biden and his anti-energy administration. 

The very first thing Joe Biden did after taking the oath of office was shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline, which delivered millions of barrels of oil from Canada to the heartland of America. 

Naturally this common sense energy solution infuriated the radical Left, and now Joe Biden is pathetically begging Saudi Arabia and Iran for oil. 

On top of that, Joe Biden very recently has refused to renew oil drilling leases in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico, further increasing America’s dependence on foreign oil. 

This is why Donald Trump’s pledge to make America energy independent is so crucially important.  

Once energy independence is achieved, America no longer has to beg despotic regimes for their expensive oil. 

Even Democrats cannot deny the damage Joe Biden is doing to America

Joe Biden and his administration are doing such a horrible job that even many Democrats, including prominent Democrats, can no longer deny it. 

Even Larry Summers, who is a Harvard Professor, economist, Director of the National Economic Council under President Barack Obama, and Treasury Secretary under President Bill Clinton had this to say on CNN, “I think there are things the administration can do. They’ve been talking for six months about reducing tariffs to help U.S. consumers. It hasn’t happened yet.”

Summers went on to argue, “There are things that can be done to allow, in the short run, more pumping of natural gas and drilling for oil so that we increase supply and bring down those prices. I think we are likely to see a downturn and recession in the not-too-distant future.”

So even career Democrats and some of Barack Obama’s top advisors are pointing out on fake news sources such as CNN that Joe Biden is not doing nearly enough to mitigate this energy crisis. 

To make matters worse, Summers admits that an economic collapse is just around the corner. 

This should terrify every American, as an economic collapse would wreak havoc on an already struggling nation. 

The bottom line is, Joe Biden is doing everything in his power to destroy America, and the true damage of his failed policies have not yet been realized. 

It may be too late before many Americans realize how wrong they were when they voted for Joe Biden. 

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