A top sports commentator just put jaws on the floor with these shocking remarks

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Gone are the days of honest reporting.  

Instead, most major media companies are purely motivated by revenue alone.  

But a top sports commentator just put jaws on the floor with these shocking remarks. 

Americans are right to doubt what they hear on the news

Whether it is on social media, the news, or sporting events, Americans are losing faith in what they hear from the mainstream media. 

Not only have many media outlets gone entirely “woke,” but it was recently revealed that Joe Biden and his administration have strong-armed media companies into removing content that does not jive with their radical agenda. 

The First Amendment is under attack and many prominent voices in the media are terrified of what that means for their careers and the content they produce. 

One such voice is Sage Steele, who was pulled off of ESPN in 2021 after she voiced opinions that were critical of former President Barack Obama and the network’s vaccine mandate. 

More specifically, Steele said on Uncut with Jay Cutler that “I work for a company that mandated it and I had until September 30th to get it done or I’m out.”

She added that “I respect everyone’s decision, I really do, but to mandate it is sick and it’s scary to me in many ways.”

In order to avoid backlash from the “woke” mob, ESPN pulled her almost immediately, which prompted Steele to sue the network. 

And on Tuesday, Steele tweeted that “having successfully settled my case with ESPN/Disney, I have decided to leave so I can exercise my First Amendment rights more freely.”

She added that “I am grateful for so many wonderful experiences over the past 16 years and am excited for my next chapter!”

Steele’s departure comes after ESPN announced massive layoffs, including a fair amount of fellow commentators. 

ESPN, which is owned by Disney, has also faced financial turmoil recently.

Many economic experts believe this could be a result of Disney’s attempt to appease the “woke” mob, which alienated a sizable chunk of their consumers.

Regardless of the reason for ESPN’s decline, it appears that Steele got out of the network at just the right time. 

Disney’s move to the Left is destroying them and their various companies

Whether it’s Disney, Bud Light, or Target, companies that bow down to the “woke” mob are paying the consequences. 

All of these major corporations have seen massive dips in their value.

This is leading to layoffs and other financial woes. 

But lienating half of your consumer base is a poor economic decision, regardless of where you stand politically. 

ESPN’s recent woes show that limiting free speech and bowing down to the radical left-wing mob is a losing gamble. 

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