A top tennis star completely lost his cool after making this major flub

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In many sports, even the slightest error can derail years of hard work and preparation. 

After all, this is what separates the good athletes from the great athletes. 

And a top tennis star completely lost his cool after making this major flub.

Russian tennis star Andrey Rublev threw a full-blown tantrum after making this crucial error

Nearly any sport can claim to be a “sport of inches.” 

However, this especially applies to the great game of tennis. 

The tiniest sliver of a ball landing in the wrong place can completely derail years of work for even the greatest tennis stars. 

Russian tennis phenom Andrey Rublev learned this lesson the hard way after making a crucial error at the world-renowned Wimbledon tournament in London. 

While trying to win his first-ever grand slam, Rublev made a mistake in his second set against Argentina’s Francisco Comesana that ultimately cost him the match. 

Comesana went on to win the match 6-4, 5-7, 6-2, 7-6 (5) and notched 21 aces in his win compared to Rublev’s two. 

Following Rublev’s crucial error in the second set, he completely lost his cool and erupted in an embarrassing tantrum. 

Footage shows Rublev furiously smashing his racquet on his leg after he made the error and it appeared as if his frustration carried over throughout the rest of the match. 

Following the match, Rublev told reporters that “I wouldn’t do it if I was able to hit the racket on the floor.”  

“Because we’re not allowed to hit it on the grass, so I don’t know, at that moment I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to let emotions out. But thanks. Everything is fine,” the exhausted and anguished Russian tennis star added. 

One X user named Bill Cooney went as far as to tweet a video of this clip of Rublev losing his cool with the caption, “I think Rublev needs to see a sports psychologist. This happens far too often, and it’s pretty excessive.”

Rublev will have a chance to redeem himself later this summer at the upcoming U.S. Open, where he hopes to get back on track. 

Already, some have compared Rublev’s aggressive antics to tennis great John McEnroe, who would famously get angry on the tennis court and often got into spats with judges. 

Rublev’s blow-up helps reveal the enormous pressure that many professional athletes face 

If you have ever played a sport, then you know how much pressure comes with the territory. 

This especially applies to non-team sports, such as tennis singles matches, in which all eyes are on you and your competitor. 

Nonetheless, Rublev should consider taking it easier on himself.  

After all, he made it all the way to Wimbledon and has a stellar record. 

He will have a chance to silence his critics as he prepares for the U.S. Open, which will attract the attention of tennis fans from across the globe. 

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