A young NFL quarterback just shed some light on this one mysterious move

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Most professional athletes will tell you that success in college or in the minor leagues does not always translate to success in the Big Leagues. 

Even the most gifted and talented athletes often struggle to shine after moving up to the professional level. 

And a young NFL quarterback just shed some light on this one mysterious move.

Stetson Bennett just helped shine a light on his mysterious absence 

Ask any University of Georgia Bulldogs fan who the greatest college football quarterback of all time is and they will likely say Stetson Bennett. 

Bennett walked on as a freshman for the Bulldogs, but he transferred to Jones College after being forced to sit on the bench his freshman year at Georgia. 

He then returned to Georgia in 2019 where he played through the 2022 season. 

During his return to the Bulldogs, Stetson helped Georgia win two National Titles and departed from the Bulldogs with a career Quarterback Rating of 160.7. 

Despite this incredible collegiate success, the Los Angeles Rams waited until the fourth round of the 2023 NFL draft to select him. 

The Rams planned to put him in the backup quarterback slot behind Matthew Stafford. 

However, Bennett missed the 2023 season opener with a non-descript shoulder injury and then went on the non-football injury list just three days later. 

Last September, Rams head coach Sean McVay addressed this move by telling reporters that “there are certain things that I think are a little bit bigger and more important, and out of respect for the particulars and the specifics, [I] want to be able to keep it in-house.”

After months of silence, Bennett held a press conference on Tuesday where he attempted to address his mysterious absence from football. 

During the press conference, Bennett admitted that mental health played a significant role in his absence. 

He gave credit to his coaches for allowing him to take a step back from football.

“Thank goodness that Les and coach McVay and everybody involved allowed me to do that,” he said.

As far as the upcoming 2024 season is concerned, sports pundits expect Bennett to participate after reporting for offseason workouts in April. 

Just last week, McVay complimented Bennett’s offseason commitment by saying that “he’s done a great job.” 

“He’s got a good look in his eye. I really appreciate the way that he’s come to work. He’s been really attentive in the meetings. I think [quarterbacks coach] Dave Ragone has done a great job with the quarterbacks as a whole. His command, his ability to communicate, and Stetson’s had a couple good days and it’s been good having him out here,” the Rams head coach added. 

Stetson Bennett’s journey shows just how much the NFL has changed 

Stetson Bennett’s journey in the NFL shows the heavy emphasis that many teams and coaches now place on mental health.
For decades, many coaches would ignore this aspect of the game, for better and for worse. 

Although many would agree that mental health should always be taken into consideration, some would also argue that Bennett has a job to do. 

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