Adam Carolla just took a shot at Gavin Newsom while packing his bags, Bureau of Reclamation, C BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Years of Democrat control have forced thousands of Californians to run for the hills. 

Out-of-control crime, the skyrocketing cost of living, and rampant homelessness have made life practically unlivable for millions across the Golden State. 

And Adam Carolla just took a shot at Gavin Newsom while packing his bags. 

Adam Carolla did not hold back as he explains why he is leaving California 

For much of its history, the state of California attracted people from all over to pursue their dreams. 

California became an international hub for technological innovation, entertainment, and entrepreneurialism during the 20th Century. 

But this started to change once Democrats established their iron grip on the Golden State. 

In the last several years, radical lawmakers like Governor Gavin Newsom have allowed crime, homelessness, and taxes to skyrocket.

This has made California practically unlivable. 

As a result, throngs of Californians and business owners have fled the state. 

Last Wednesday, lifelong Californian and comedian Adam Carolla divulged his intentions to leave the state as soon as his youngest children graduate High School. 

During his appearance on the Sage Steele Show last Wednesday, former ESPN commentator turned podcast host Sage Steele asked Carolla how he could still live in Los Angeles.

Carolla responded with a loud groan before saying that “it’s horrible.”  

Carolla then divulged his plans to leave California.

“I have twins, and they’re in their senior year of high school and I couldn’t – I didn’t want to pick up and, you know, tear up their roots, you know?” he said. “So people always go, ‘When are you leaving?’ And I go, I will be attending their high school graduation in a U-Haul.”

Steele then asked where Carolla plans on moving to.

He floated several possible destinations, including somewhere in the Carolinas, Texas, Florida, or Tennessee. 

However, Carolla explained that he does not necessarily have a place he is itching to move to.

“And that’s sad because I don’t even have a place that I need to go,” Carolla said. “There’s a difference between going ‘I want to live out my retirement years in Maui’ or ‘I got to move to Arizona because I have bronchitis’ or something. This ain’t that.” 

“This is just I have to leave. I don’t even know where I’m going. This isn’t me cheating on you for another woman. This is ‘I hate you so much. I’m moving into a motel room and not dating for six years,'” the fed-up comedian added. 

Carolla then explained that lawmakers in California bear much of the responsibility for destroying his home state. 

He particularly blamed California Governor Gavin Newsom.

“He’s a narcissistic 10-cent head buffoon and nobody knows it,” he said. “I don’t know- or people in California are too dumb to realize who he is.”

Californians cannot pack their bags fast enough 

California Democrats continue to move to the Left, despite the fact that hordes of people have fled the state in recent years. 

To many, it almost feels as if lawmakers in California have engaged in a contest to scheme up the most radical and “woke” policies. 

As Adam Carolla detailed the other day, this may not end until it is already too late. 

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