Adam Schiff is on camera in this COMPROMISING video that landed him in deep trouble

Adam Schiff is leaving the House of Representatives to run for the U.S. Senate.

But his campaign got off to a disastrous start on day one.

And that’s because Adam Schiff is on camera in this COMPROMISING video that landed him in deep trouble.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) kicked off his U.S. Senate campaign by whining about House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) booting him off the House Intelligence Committee for lying about the “Russian collusion” and Ukraine impeachment hoaxes.

Schiff posted a video to the social media app TikTok to fundraise off Speaker McCarthy’s decision.

“Hello, I’m Congressman Adam Schiff with some troubling news,” Schiff ranted. “Today, Kevin McCarthy removed me from the House Intelligence Committee, all for doing my job holding Trump accountable and standing up to the extreme MAGA Republicans.”

“We knew it would be bad when the Republicans took over, but it’s far worse than we expected,” he added. “But I can promise you this, this is not the end of my fight for our democracy, this is just the beginning. Please join us and contribute today.”

In a massive self-own, Rep. Schiff using TikTok demonstrated why he represents a national security threat, and should not serve on the House Intelligence Committee.

President Joe Biden signed legislation into law banning the app from government phones over the fact that ByteDance, the Chinese company which owns TikTok, turns over personal user data to the Chinese Communist Party.

Mediaite’s Isaac Schorr reported that TikTok potentially allowed the Communist Chinese to compromise devices of users and gain access to emails and texts, the kind of “kompromat” that Schiff repeatedly lied about the Russians having on Donald Trump.

“As Director Wray has noted, the Chinese government has the ability to “control data collection on millions of [TikTok] users” as well as “control the recommendation algorithm, which could be used for influence operations” or even “control software on millions of devices, which gives it an opportunity to potentially technically compromise personal devices,” Schorr wrote.

“That means that TikTok could theoretically provide the Chinese Communist Party with the kind of incriminating kompromat on American officials that Schiff said he believed the Russians had on Trump,” he added.

At least 22 states across America have banned TikTok from government devices because of the threat posed by the Communist Chinese Party accessing Americans’ location and personal data.

Rep. Schiff does not take that threat seriously.

And that is why Adam Schiff proved Speaker McCarthy right for booting him off the Intelligence Committee.

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