Adam Schiff smells blood in the water after one Senator’s paltry fundraising

Democrats are panicking over the prospect of Joe Biden running again in 2024.

But he isn’t the only Democrat on shaky ground.

Now Adam Schiff smells blood in the water after one Senator’s paltry fundraising.

Many are expecting California Senator Dianne Feinstein to retire.

She turns 90-years-old in a few months, and even the Left have raised concerns about her cognitive decline.

Adding to that, Feinstein only raised a measly $558.91 in fundraising last quarter.

The latest Federal Election Commission (FEC) filing shows that Feinstein only has $9,968.56 in cash on hand.

Needless to say, her war chest is empty.

Feinstein’s meager fundraising, her age, and her failing mental health that has leaked out into the media suggest that she will not be seeking another term.

That’s why Adam Schiff and other California Democrats are already eyeing her seat.

Schiff said in an interview, “I was persuaded by many of my colleagues to consider running for the Senate if Sen. Feinstein decides not to run for reelection in two years, so I am exploring it.”

Congresswoman Katie Porter, who barely won reelection in the 2022 Midterms, already announced her candidacy for Senate.

Porter announced in a video, “The threat from so-called ‘leaders’ like Mitch McConnell has too often made the United States Senate the place where rights get revoked, special interests get rewarded and our democracy gets rigged . . . Especially in times like these, California needs a warrior in Washington, and that’s exactly why I’m announcing my candidacy for the United States Senate in 2024.”

Schiff was not pleased that Porter tossed her hat in the ring first, particularly during massive storms and floods in California.

A person close to Schiff told The Los Angeles Times that the Congressman’s focus was on helping to respond to the flooding, “not running for Senate in the middle of a natural disaster where people are dead.”

Schiff wasn’t the only California Democrat to take a swipe at Porter.

Congressman Ro Khanna said, “Right now, California is facing severe storms and floods, and my district is facing historic weather conditions . . . My focus is on that. In the next few months, I will make a decision.”

Schiff raised his profile among Democrats by constantly lying about having evidence that proved Donald Trump colluded with Russia.

As a result, he was stripped of his House Intelligence Committee assignment by GOP Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

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