Alejandro’s Mayorkas’ face turned pale as a ghost after getting this unwanted news

What’s happening at America’s southern border is an unmitigated disaster.  

Democrats’ refusal to secure the border has turned into a full-blown humanitarian crisis in which thousands of illegal aliens flow through by the day. 

But Alejandro’s Mayorkas’ face turned pale as a ghost after getting this unwanted news. 

Joe Biden’s pro-illegal immigration policies have been a complete disaster

Despite what the corporate-controlled media is telling you, the southern border is in a state of complete disarray. 

Each and every day thousands of illegal aliens pour across the border, with no end in sight. 

For years, many Democrats have chalked the border crisis up to a Republican talking point, but things have now gotten so bad that even many Democrats can no longer ignore this major issue. 

Recently, Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio went on Fox News to discuss this awakening from some of his Democrat colleagues. 

On Fox News’ Fox News @ Night, Jordan argued “I think they intentionally created this situation when they got rid of all the good policies that were put in by the Trump administration. I think it’s been intentional the whole way because you can’t have the record numbers we’ve had, and it not be intentional.” 

He then added, “You can’t have a Secretary of Homeland Security comes in front of Congress and tells us ‘the border secure.’” 

He ended by saying “And now you have this situation that we’ve seen now that you guys have reported better than anyone day after day after day. So, I don’t know what’s going on. Obviously, the Title 42 is coming to an end here. So, what’s prompted this? I don’t know.”    

As Jim Jordan points out, even many Democrats are beginning to see through the nonsense that Joe Biden and his Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, are peddling to Congress and the American public. 

Clearly, these two are far more interested in playing politics than protecting the American public. 

The Biden Administration has some explaining to do to the American public

The truth is, Alejandro Mayorkas might just be one of the worst Department of Homeland Security Secretaries to ever serve. 

As Jim Jordan points out, Mayorkas has completely failed to do his job, and America is a much more dangerous place as a result of his failed leadership. 

As soon as the House returns to session, House Republicans must make investigating Mayorkas and the rest of the Biden Administration a top priority. 

The fact that thousands of undocumented, illegal aliens are allowed to enter America is a complete disgrace. 

This mass migration is also actively killing Americans from all of the fentanyl and illegal weapons that are flooding through unchecked. 

Illegal immigration should not be a political issue, but unfortunately, the radical Left in America has made it a political issue. 

Now is the time for Republicans and Democrats to work together and put an end to this disaster. 

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