Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just humiliated herself by what she said about this far-left professor

There is no denying the far-left is more radical than ever before.

Being an American-hating communist is now fashionable for these lunatics.

But Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just humiliated herself by what she said about this far-left professor.

The Left is more left than ever before

The fact of the matter is, leftists are more extreme than ever before. 

The Democrat agenda is now centered around destroying America by implementing socialism and enforcing a cultural upheaval.

Family values are now considered to be racist and taboo, and instead leftists are demanding that their woke agenda be the one true opinion.

This includes grooming children to becoming transgendered, damning Christianity, demanding abortions on demand, and making police officers the number one enemy.

These dangerous fundamentals of the radical Left are designed to do one thing, and that is destroy America.

And so far, the Left has done a very good job of doing that.

Not only is the economy in complete freefall, but society is collapsing.

Crime is at all time high, and just about every day the Left is finding new reasons to riot and destroy businesses 

The politicians behind the destruction of America

Behind the rise of wokeism in America are a group of powerful politicians who are pulling the heartstrings of gullible liberals.

After all, the radical Left gets their moral values from politicians and celebrities, who arguably are the worst people to derive values from. 

Trendy young politicians such as Ilhan Omar, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, and Rashida Talib have fooled young people into believing that socialism is good and that America is evil.

The truth is, these politicians are nothing more than professional liars, anti-Semites, and complete and total haters of America and American culture. 

But what Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez just said may be her most insane statement in a while.

In case you missed, Senator Josh Hawley grilled a UC Berkeley professor by the name of Khiara Bridges over her use of the term “birthing people” instead of women. 

This term has been popularized by the far-left in a pathetic attempt to advance the cause of the trans community who honestly believe that men can have babies.

Naturally, Ocasio-Cortez was first in line to offer support to this deranged and dangerously stupid law professor. 

In a tweet, AOC exclaimed, “Thank you for your service, Professor Bridges. Also lol @ Hawley’s feigned shock at the recognition that he incites violence. The man raised a fist w/ Jan 6th-ers who yelled ‘Hang Mike Pence’ & fundraised off it.

Now he wants to be all ‘Me?? Opening people to violence??😤’”

Not only does this look like a text a bratty 14-year-old would send to her best friend, but it is just plain stupid.

Of course men cannot birth children, and until the Left is willing to admit this basic fact then they will continue to lose support among voters. 

Just recently, Joe Biden recorded a 33% approval rating in a New York Times poll and most experts believe Democrats will get smacked this November. 

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