All hell broke loose after this high tech car fell to pieces mid-drive

Photo By Rathaphon Nanthapreecha from Pexel

Rapid technological innovation is a trademark of a free market economy. 

However, sometimes this innovation is a bit too rapid and creates more problems than it solves. 

But all hell broke loose after this high tech car fell to pieces mid-drive. 

The more complicated the technology, the more that can go wrong

American consumers are frequently treated to new and innovative technologies as a direct result of its capitalist economic system. 

Tesla, led by Elon Musk, is at the forefront of the technology sector and the company’s inventions are wildly popular among consumers. 

Tesla’s sleek and modern electric cars are very trendy these days.

However, recent reports shed a concerning light on these cars. 

“U.S. regulators are looking into complaints that steering wheels for Tesla’s Model Y vehicles fell off while in use,” Fox Business reported. “In a filing posted on their website, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said it’s aware of two incidents in which the wheel detached from the steering column of 2023 Model Ys while being driven.”

One incident happened to a man named Prerak Patel, who tweeted on February 5 that “I followed @elonmusk because of innovative ideas and became a fan when he offered a mini submarine to rescue Thai boys from a cave. I request @elonmusk @Tesla investigate this matter and rescue Tesla believers by taking corrective action on basic Safety and QC.”

Patel followed up with another tweet a few weeks later that said, “First, I would like to thank all who supported me.  Today, I received a new/replacement @Tesla Y. Just FYI – I received a call from @NHTSAgov defect investigation team, they are looking into this matter.” 

It goes without saying that a defective steering wheel is extremely concerning and life threatening. 

These major design flaws emphasize the importance of product testing and consumer trials before rushing new products to the showroom floor. 

Undoubtedly, these major defects are a result of Joe Biden’s efforts to jam green energy down the throats of consumers.

Tesla has also faced backlash in recent years over engines bursting into flames and a host of other concerning problems. 

Electric cars have proven to be unstable and untrustworthy. 

The United States Government needs to pump the brakes on its radical green energy push

In order to prevent more problems like collapsing steering wheels, the government needs to slow down their radical green energy push. 

Even though electric cars are promising, there is still much to be discovered about this new technology. 

Green energy is unstable and unsafe in many cases. 

Tesla needs to slow down their product development until they begin producing vehicles that are safe for consumers. 

Instead of trying to force Americans into buying electric cars, the government should protect consumers from unsafe products. 

Americans could die if regulators do not start taking this seriously. 

Joe Biden is once again placing his radical agenda over the American people. 

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