All hell is breaking loose after New Jersey’s Democrat Governor declared war on parental rights in education

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American parents are waging a war against Democrat lawmakers trying to exclude them from education.

Defiant parents are taking over school boards and pushing for parental rights at the local level.

But all hell is breaking loose after New Jersey’s Democrat Governor declared war on parental rights in education.

Parental rights in three New Jersey school districts are under threat of “emergency” lawsuits

Parents have been under attack by Big Government for the past few years in a campaign to remove their rights to be involved in the education of their children. In recent months, it seems like parents are finally gaining the offensive ground and changes are being made in their favor.

New Jersey school districts recently adopted policies that require teachers and other school officials to notify parents if students begin to use a name, pronoun, or bathroom that doesn’t align with their naturally assigned sex. The changes were made in Middletown, Marlboro, and Manalapan-Englishtown.

Despite approval from the local school boards, the policy changes are now in danger of being struck down by “emergency” lawsuits initiated by New Jersey Attorney General Matt Platkin, who claims the policy changes place the lives of transgender students in danger.

Now parents in support of the rules are sounding off on what they see as a political attack.

Parents: The Governor is “suing people that don’t agree with him”

One parent, Brian Mason, said that it’s obvious Governor Murphy’s Attorney General is “suing people that don’t agree with him.” The father of seven added that “people are worried about the cost of the lawsuit, but what about when I sue Middletown because a guy goes into the locker room with my daughter?”

“They’re suing the parents, and they’re suing the taxpayers who support the Board of Ed with wanting to know what’s going on with their kids in school,” Mason said. He said that he’s not afraid of the state because if they “force Middletown to reverse the policies,” then he will be forced to sue “everybody.”

He said if the Governor’s lawsuit succeeds, then there will be “multi-million-dollar lawsuits coming down the road” and he will lead numerous “class action lawsuits.” Mason has been a strong supporter of the new policies and was at the Middletown school board meeting when they passed the new rules.

Parents say the new rule is perfectly in line with other policies that have already been in place.

Permission slips are required for everything from medicine to field trips

Another Middletown mom echoed Mason’s concerns. “I get a phone call if my kid is absent,” she told Fox News. “I have to sign permission slips for everything, whether it be medicine or whether it be field trips or a syllabus.” 

“And for the Attorney General to turn around and say that we can be involved in all that, but not involved if our child decides to go by a different gender or a different name? That’s ok to keep for us?” she added.

Attorney General Platkin said the new rules are creating “serious mental health risks,” before adding that the state “will not tolerate any action by schools that threatens the health and safety of our young people.”

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