Alvin Bragg is panicking after a lawsuit threatened to expose this sick reality

Michael Stokes, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Alvin Bragg’s sham criminal case against Donald Trump was always motivated by politics.

The terrible truth about the motivations behind his witch hunt will be brought to light.

And Alvin Bragg is panicking after a lawsuit threatened to expose this sick reality.

Former Biden Justice Department official in Alvin Bragg’s office is under fire  

Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg succeeded in convicting former President Donald Trump on 34 fake criminal charges in a Soviet-style show trial.

Trump has always insisted that President Joe Biden was behind the criminal cases against him.

“This was done by the Biden administration in order to wound or hurt an opponent, a political opponent,” Trump told reporters. 

So-called “fact checkers” have tried to claim that this is a conspiracy theory. 

But now one of the top prosecutors for Bragg is coming under scrutiny for his ties to the Biden administration. 

Matthew Colangelo left his job as the acting Associate Attorney General in the Biden Justice Department – the third highest ranking position – to take a demotion to join the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office in December of 2022.

America First Legal (AFL) – a watchdog group founded by former Trump administration officials – is trying to get to the bottom of the Biden Justice Department’s involvement in Bragg’s sham case against Trump.

Lawsuit filed against the Biden Justice Department for emails to Bragg prosecutor   

AFL filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) with the Justice Department for Colangelo’s emails and communications that mentioned Trump as well as for his calendar when he worked at the Department.

The Justice Department refused to produce these documents in a timely fashion.

Now AFL is filing a lawsuit against the Biden Justice Department to force them to release the Colangelo records from the FOIA request.

“No one leaves being the #3 at the Department of Justice to go work in a district attorney’s office – no matter which one it is,” AFL executive director Gene Hamilton said. “There is no plausible explanation other than engagement in a coordinated campaign to target one man – President Trump. The American people deserve to see these records.”

Hamilton told Fox News Digital that the documents they’re after could expose the coordination between the Biden Justice Department and Bragg’s office. 

“We’re going to get those records, and we are going to obtain everything from his calendar entries to communications, for everything in between, to show and to help shed a light on this coordinated effort to get Donald Trump, that is unprecedented and has never been done before,” Hamilton said.

Colangelo aided Bragg in bringing the Trump case – which was dropped by Bragg’s predecessor – back to life. 

“Because none of these records are public, and because this is a key central figure involved in the political persecution of Donald Trump, we think it’s vital and critical that we get records,” Hamilton added.

House Judiciary Committee Chairmen Jim Jordan (R-OH) is also investigating the Bragg case and Colangelo’s role in it. 

He requested that Colangelo and Bragg testify before Congress and asked the New York Attorney General’s Office to turn over documents about Colangelo’s time there. 

Matthew Colangelo is going to be under the microscope over his role in the bogus criminal case against Donald Trump.

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