Alvin Bragg just dropped this huge hint about his future

Screenshot via YouTube, Alvin Bragg

George Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg became a household name by indicting Donald Trump on politically motivated charges.

Bragg’s indictment kicked off the cascade of criminal charges brought by Democrat prosecutors against Trump.

And Alvin Bragg just dropped this huge hint about his future.

When Alvin Bragg indicted Donald Trump using a novel legal theory of dubious merit, it wasn’t just Joe Biden’s political future he was looking out for.

Political insiders suspect Bragg was positioning himself for an eventual run to be the Mayor of New York City by branding himself as the guy who brought down Donald Trump.

Bragg’s latest political maneuvering also suggests a run for higher office could be in the cards.

Over the last several years, leftists have tried to ignore the reality that there are a large number of bias attacks against Asians in Democrat run cities.

The pro-Hamas rallies in America’s largest metropolis also exposed the fact that the woke Left is the real source of bigotry in the country.

Instead of enforcing existing laws against assaults, Democrats support thought control legislation to make it a “hate crime” with enhanced penalties for attacking a member of what Democrats consider a “marginalized” group.

These are laws many on the Right believe Democrats will use to criminalize conservative beliefs on homosexuality, transgenderism, and immigration.

In that vein, Bragg announced he supported the so-called “Hate Crimes Modernization Act” proposed by Assembly member Grace Lee and State Senator Brad Hoylman.

“Anti-Asian slurs at a Chinese restaurant or homophobic slurs at a gay bar can’t be charged as a hate crime. That too must be changed,” Bragg told reporters.

“Hate crime does not discriminate,” Bragg said, before adding that he supported “common-sense fixes to our law.”

Bragg then bemoaned the number of so-called “hate crime” investigations his office currently had open.

“Last month alone, reported hate crimes more than doubled compared to last October,” Bragg continued. “And my office, sadly and radically, has nearly 140 open hate crime cases as we speak.”

Criminals feel free to carry out assaults on city streets because Soros-backed District Attorneys like Bragg refuse to enforce the law.

These aren’t MAGA hat wearing conservatives who are beating up Asians.

It’s Joe Biden voters who are running wild with their violent expressions of racism.

And that‘s put Alvin Bragg in the unusual position of coming out in favor of enforcing the law.

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