American voters agree: the Biden White House is failing them

Remember Build Back Better? Catchy.

But voters are still waiting on the Build, people are still waiting for things to go Back, and all Americans are waiting for Better.

And a recent poll of American voters backs up the view on Biden’s White House failures.

Americans agree: change is needed

Party politics does not matter.

Demographics do not matter.

Associated voting blocs do not matter.

Americans want authentic leadership, something we have not seen in a while.

People are asking for a new direction in leadership.

The results from a recent NBC News poll back that up.

In the poll, nearly half of voters want large changes from the Biden administration.

And how many people polled wanted no change from Biden?

One percent.

And 72 percent of voters admit the country is on the wrong track.

The issues that matter

Biden recently turned 80-years-old.

Democrat leadership has the country’s first octogenarian President running the show.

Even with Nancy Pelosi, now 82-years-old, stepping down after the Midterms, more change is wanted by the voting population.

And that starts with a focus on issues that are important to more than the old Democrat base.

Things like the economy and crime were top issues from the NBC News poll.

Things like “threats to democracy” – not so much.

Independent voters came out of the Midterm elections sharing a similar thing: the state of the economy is priority number one.

At the end of the day, income does not matter if we are all suffering from rampant inflation.

In fact, a recent survey from Northeastern University found that inflation was the top ranked issue for every single income group.

While we sit through a no-boom, no-bust economy, Democratic leadership on the defensive blames Republicans, Putin, COVID, China – anything else but their reckless spending policies.

That is partisan politics 101.

This is kicking the can down the road.

That is not what successful leadership looks like at the national level.

Change can start at the top

Just like a grandfather holding onto the family’s purse strings . . .

Or an old timer CEO refusing to relinquish more responsibility to staff . . .

So goes the Democrat leadership.

Pelosi is 82, Chuck Schumer is 71, and Biden just hit 80.

Yet the seventy-and-eighty somethings in Democrat leadership are still in power.

And while the Midterm results were a slight ego-boost to the aging Team D, Americans are still facing more serious problems than Midterm power grabs.

We are paying at the pump.

We are paying at the grocery store.

Americans are hurting.

The old Democrat guard can shift the narrative as much as possible, but “it’s the economy, stupid.”

And with poor leadership and no focus on the real issues, the Biden White House will continue to fail the American people until they are removed from positions of power.

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