Americans are scratching their heads over the Bidens’ bizarre New Year’s message

People around the world have made their New Year’s resolutions, and undoubtedly, most of these will be soon forgotten. 

Among these people making New Year’s resolutions are Joe and Jill Biden. 

But Americans are scratching their heads over the Bidens’ bizarre New Year’s message.

Joe and Jill Biden rang in the New Year with this bit of insanity

2023 is finally here, and it did not take long for the Bidens to stir up some controversy. 

On New Year’s Eve, Joe and Jill Biden went on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve to deliver their New Year’s message to America. 

In the midst of the broadcast, First Lady Jill Biden told viewers that “And especially take care of your health this year. Go get that COVID vaccine and get your flu shot.”

This elicited a chuckle from President Joe Biden who then pointed to the camera and said “You better listen to her.”

Good grief, the last thing people want to hear when they are unwinding is a lesson on vaccines from the Bidens.

The COVID-19 pandemic began nearly three years ago and now COVID is much less severe than it was when it first spread in 2020. 

Also, it is widely accepted that COVID vaccines don’t stop you from catching the virus or spreading it. 

People should make the decision to get the vaccine based on their own health preferences, not because they are strong-armed into doing so. 

The truth is, most Democrats are only perpetuating this insanity for selfish reasons. 

For the Left, the more COVID-savvy you appear, the more status you have in liberal circles. 

Virtue signaling is an integral part of the Left’s ideology, and it has created a contest amongst Democrats to perpetuate COVID as long as possible and see who can come up with the most restrictive restrictions. 

The pandemic will only end when people stop tolerating the Democrats’ nonsense

When it comes to COVID restrictions, Americans must send a clear message to policymakers that enough is enough. 

Until enough people do this, then Democrats will keep scheming up new and creative ways to take people’s freedoms away in the name of science and safety. 

At some point, people must be given the ability to make health decisions for themselves without government officials hounding them to get vaccines that may or may not be good for them. 

Joe Biden and the Democrat Party will perpetuate COVID insanity for as long as they possibly can, because they know that COVID is their ticket to seize control over schools and other powerful institutions. 

Enough is enough – people must stand up to Joe Biden and say that they are sick of his constant COVID virtue signaling. 

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