Americans are sick and tired of Joe Biden and they’re doing something about it

brewbooks from near Seattle, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

From his horrific “border policy” to the unbearable inflation, people aren’t happy with President Joe Biden.

Some people are so fed up with the nonsense that they’ve decided to take matters into their own hands.

Americans are sick and tired of Joe Biden and they’re doing something about it.

Community of Americans go completely off-grid

A close-knit community of Americans has put down stakes at a survivalist commune in the Utah desert.

Hundreds of people have moved to live under what’s known as “Operation Self-Reliance.”

Many feel that going off the grid is the best way to combat what they firmly believe is a society in decline.

Philip Gleason, a 74-year-old former general contractor, established the commune after feeling called to help people find a place where they can do things their way.

The purpose of the commune is to allow people to grow their own food and rely on themselves without being hassled.

Gleason told Deseret News that some people have chosen to live here for health reasons or the environment, but the main reason is to escape the “craziness” of modern society.

He said that society is “undergoing a cultural revolution in the U.S.” 

When he first came to the location, he assumed it would be too far away for most people.

“Now, with everything that’s happening, we wonder if it’s far enough,” he added.

The OCR co-op is located in Riverbend Ranch in Juab County, Utah, and residents living here are almost completely off-grid.

Each person buys a two-acre plot of land and they must grow their own food because OCR has no municipal power and no sanitation utilities.

One share of the co-op costs a minimum of $35,000 before residents meet the obligations listed, which includes building their own home from the ground up.

All residents must also build a barn, install a septic system, dig a well, build a greenhouse, and produce their own solar energy.

According to the OCR website, those costs could total at least $235,000 or more, which they say is due to “COVID insanity driving the cost of building materials up significantly.”

A life centered on survival

According to Gleason, his two-acre plot gives him a chance to put his interest in survivalism to the test.

He’s even planted sunflowers to provide some shade since the desert in Utah can’t sustain many trees.

Gleason told the news outlet that he got his sunflower seeds from a friend who lived in Germany after World War II and warned him that a lack of sunflower oil was a serious issue when they dealt with rations after the war.

Gleason then noted that “we’re not that far off here.”

Some of the fears he and others living in the commune have include nuclear war, cyber-attacks, and power grid failures.

The co-op uses a barter system instead of cash and residents trade items like homemade bread and livestock.

Approximately 70 children are living at the commune, and each one is homeschooled by their parents. 

Only time will tell if this new society can remain resilient in the face of a changing culture. 

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