Americans were fuming after one Republican Governor turned his back on family values and signed these insane laws

Vermont Governor Phil Scott addresses Gold Star Families, public domain via

Republican voters are used to being disappointed by the Party’s establishment.

But this is a new low for the GOP. 

And Americans were fuming after one Republican Governor turned his back on family values and signed these insane laws. 

The Big Tent Party

There are some differences between Republicans and Democrats. 

One of the biggest differences between the two is the wide range of ideas, personalities, and characteristics among the Republican Party. 

When you look at the Democrats, they generally walk the line and force out anyone who does not agree with the majority of the Party. 

On the other hand, the Republican Party is full of different opinions, which isn’t always a good thing. 

But that’s what you get being a big tent Party with so many different people within the ranks. 

You get fights over issues like illegal immigration, where a handful of Senators want to push for amnesty while others support strong border security.

But of all the issues in the Party, the pro-life issue is the one Republicans hold the line on.

But that’s not the case for this Republican Governor who just became one of the biggest traitors to his Party.

Leftist Republican Governor Phil Scott

Vermont Republican Governor Phil Scott has been in office since 2016. 

Throughout his political career within the Republican Party, Governor Phil Scott has claimed that “unlike most Republicans in the Northeast, I’m probably more on the Left of center from a social standpoint … I am a pro-choice Republican.”

If being a pro-choice Republican isn’t bad enough, Governor Scott is now doing everything he can to protect the radical transgender agenda. 

Last week, Governor Scott signed two bills to protect providers and seekers of sex change procedures as well as those administering abortions.

According to reports, these bills are the  “first in the country to explicitly include protecting access to a medication widely used in abortions even if the U.S. Food and Drug Administration withdraws its approval of the pill, mifepristone.”

Republicans spend millions of dollars in an attempt to advance the narrative of their supporters by fighting against the radical transgender agenda and for the pro-life cause.

But all of that hard work and progress goes down the drain when you have to deal with Republicans like Governor Scott. 

Just look at what’s in the legislation he signed into law.

One of the bills said that “access to reproductive health care services and gender-affirming healthcare services is a legal right in this State. Interference with legally protected health care activity, whether or not under the color of law, is against the public policy of this State.”

At some point, Republicans need to wake up and realize that being the “Big Tent Party” is not what it’s cut out to be. 

The Party would be a lot more effective if they consolidated around just conservative ideals instead of whatever the polls show is a winnable position. 

Should Republicans support the transgender agenda?

Should Republicans support the transgender agenda?