America’s Governor Ron DeSantis just dropped a truth bomb on the radical Left

Over the last decade or so, the radical Left has moved the goalpost so far to the Left that many previous Democrat voters are getting fed up with their party. 

To make matters worse, the Left has embraced a culture of violence whenever they do not get what they want.

But America’s Governor Ron DeSantis just dropped a truth bomb on the radical Left. 

A disturbing trend on the Left

In recent years, the radical Left has become more radicalized and violent than America has seen in years. 

Just about every single time a court case, election, or Supreme Court decision does not go their way, the Left immediately loses their minds and adopts terroristic methods. 

Who can forget the night Trump was elected in 2016, leftists took to the streets and rioted from Los Angeles to New York. 

And then there were the riots of 2020 in which American cities were burned, stores were looted, and dozens of Americans were killed. 

The fact of the matter is, the Left’s behavior is unacceptable in a civilized society, and it is time somebody stands up to this violence. 

The Left’s latest violent crusade

As it stands, the radical Left’s latest crusade stems from their love of abortions.  

Something about killing innocent unborn children seems to resonate well with their base. 

And following a disgraceful leaking of a Supreme Court draft opinion that signaled the court was on the verge of overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade case, the Left became completely unhinged. 

In the last several weeks since the leak, top left-wing politicians such as Chuck Schumer have issued calls to arms from their supporters. 

Just about every day there are illegal protests outside of the homes of SCOTUS Justices with the hope of intimidating them into conforming to the Left’s demands. 

One angry leftist went as far as attempting to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh for reportedly voting to overturn Roe v. Wade and his support for Americans’ Second Amendment rights. 

Some pro-abortion groups are even going as far as telling their supporters to harass the children of SCOTUS Justices by revealing where they attend school. 

Nothing is too far for these terrorists. 

It’s about time somebody stands up to say “Enough is enough!”

Thankfully, Americans are waking up to the evil tactics that the Left has adopted in order to get what they want. 

And Florida Governor Ron DeSantis just put these unhinged pro-abortion protestors in their place. 

DeSantis, who is becoming very popular amongst conservatives argued on Fox & Friends that “I think that we have a rule of law in this country, and you don’t get to just have a mob descend on a Supreme Court Justice’s house or try to impede the operations of government because there may be a decision you don’t like.” 

DeSantis went on to say “That would be considered an insurrection to stop a court from functioning, and yet they seem to be able to get away with a lot more than if the shoe were on the other foot. So, I think it’s been really problematic to watch the behavior there.”

Once again, DeSantis gets it exactly right.  

What America needs is more fearless leaders like him. 

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