America’s top military school has been infiltrated with the most insidious ideology out there

There is no denying that America has the finest, best-equipped military in the world. 

This fact infuriates the far-left, which has been doing everything in their power to diminish the military. 

But now even America’s top military school has been infiltrated with the most insidious ideology out there. 

The United States military is going completely “woke”

The job of a soldier is to be trained for war.  

That means learning how to be tough, and ready to kill an enemy of the United States at a moment’s notice. 

When it comes to military training, there is no time for “wokeness.” 

In other words, soldiers should be learning how to shoot their rifles accurately, not learning how to give drag queens, trannies, and perverted freaks the attention they feel like they deserve. 

Unfortunately, ever since Joe Biden took over as President, the United States military has gone from the most feared fighting force in the world, to the most “woke” fighting force in the world. 

Over the last couple of years, military personnel have been indoctrinated with pro-LGBT propaganda.

It’s now against the rules to misgender somebody in the military. 

Not only are these stupid social justice games a waste of valuable time, but they are dangerous.  

The military was never designed to be some backward social engineering experiment. 

“Woke” finds its way to America’s top military academy

Although America has an abundance of prestigious military academies, West Point remains the cream of the crop. 

Since its founding in 1802, this military academy has trained the finest soldiers who often go on to become decorated officers and generals. 

But as of late, the radical Left has found a way to undermine this prestigious institution. 

According to reports, cadets at West Point have been forced to sit through Critical Race Theory training. 

This insidious anti-American theory is based upon the flawed idea that all white people are born racist and ought to be handicapped for their “privilege.” 

It is easy to see why this is such a dangerous thing to be teaching anybody, never mind America’s brightest and best soldiers. 

The fact that the far-left thinks that West Point is an appropriate place to teach such controversial and radical material proves just how little they care about the well-being of America. 

They are more concerned with brainwashing soldiers with their Marxist ideals than keeping America safe. 

But unfortunately, West Point is not the only institution that has been infected with these dangerously woke anti-American lesson plans. 

Institutions of higher learning across the nation have adopted these radical theories into everyday lessons. 

The disturbing fate of America’s youth

The Marxist indoctrination of America’s youth is already having a devastating impact on society. 

Now more than ever, America is under attack from the inside. 

Even moderate Democrats unapologetically hate America and believe in radical concepts such as defunding the police and tearing down statues of founding fathers like Jefferson and Washington. 

In order to protect the future of America, something needs to be done in classrooms across the nation and fast. 

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