An eye-popping discovery was just unearthed that sent history buffs into a frenzy

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The radical Left frequently trashes America’s history.

But there is a lot to learn from how a group of colonists created the greatest nation on earth.

And now an eye-popping discovery was just unearthed that sent history buffs into a frenzy.

A significant part of America’s history was just uncovered on these hallowed grounds

The sad truth is that the radical Left has painted America’s past as something to despise.

To make matters worse, many of these radicals have taken their teachings to classrooms all across the nation and are brainwashing children from a young age to hate America and hate each other.

American history is not something to detest, but rather something to revere and in some cases learn from.

Last Wednesday, students of American history got some pleasant news following the discovery of a nearly 200-year-old time capsule at West Point Military Academy in New York.

While conducting research on a monument at the prestigious West Point Military Academy, researchers uncovered a led box.

At first, researchers believed that the box was empty, but upon taking a closer look, six silver coins were uncovered along with an Erie Canal commemorative medal.

Among the coins uncovered was a 5-cent coin from 1795, a Liberty Dollar from 1800, a 25-cent coin from 1818, a 10-cent and a 1-cent coin from 1827, and a 50-cent coin from 1828.

These coins are believed to be worth anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to several thousand dollars depending on the grade.

When discussing this recent find, West Point archeologist Paul Hudson told the Associated Press that “when I first found these, I thought, man, you know, it would have been great to have found these on stage.”

“Before long, lo and behold, there’s the edge of a coin sticking out and I thought, well that’s OK,” he added. “That’s something, that’s a start.”

It is widely believed that print materials were also included in the box, however, these likely rotted away many years ago.

Although these finds are not necessarily groundbreaking, they are an important part of America’s history and should be celebrated by all freedom-loving patriots.

Understanding America’s past is crucial for understanding America’s future

The assault on American history conducted by the radical Left has caused considerable damage to America’s image.

America’s past is something to be celebrated.

Like every nation that has ever existed, there are parts of America’s past that ought not be repeated, but these aspects are something to learn from.

Rather than trash America for political gain, Democrats ought to start examining the beauty of our nation’s founding and history.

This amazing find at West Point allows thousands of history buffs to examine America’s past.

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