An FBI whistleblower just blew the lid on this groundbreaking political scandal 

FBI, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

When drafting the Constitution, the founders deliberately set up three co-equal branches of government that wield a series of checks and balances. 

This ensures that one branch cannot become more powerful than another branch. 

But an FBI whistleblower just blew the lid on this groundbreaking political scandal. 

These allegations could reveal a radical plot within this powerful institution 

Although the Founding Fathers intentionally limited the power of the executive branch while drafting the Constitution, the executive branch has become more powerful than ever. 

Many political and legal scholars have even referred to the bureaucracy as the fourth branch of government. 

A number of extremely powerful federal law enforcement agencies exist within this so-called fourth branch of government, most notably the FBI. 

The FBI’s purpose is to investigate crimes that expand the scope of what local and state law enforcement can handle, such as terrorism, drug and human trafficking, and other similar crimes. 

However, the FBI has taken on a completely different role in recent years, often using its immense power to attack those on the Right. 

Just last week, an unidentified whistleblower filed formal complaints with the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the DOJ Inspector General alleging that the FBI stripped agents with conservative views of vital security clearances. 

In a nutshell, this takes these agents from top jobs and puts them into less important jobs that do not require high-level security clearances. 

The complaint stated that the “FBI’s Security Division improperly suspended or revoked employees’ security clearances whose political views, medical views, or even ethnicity were questioned by Security Division leadership.”

“The outcomes of clearance investigations and adjudications were often pre-determined by the Division’s acting Deputy Assistant Director and the acting Section Chief responsible for security clearance investigations and adjudications, who often overruled line staff and even dictated the wording of documents in the clearance process,” the complaint added. 

Tristan Leavitt, the president of the Empower Oversight group, promptly notified the House and Senate Judiciary Committees of the complaint soon after the whistleblower placed it.

“As I have written before, the FBI is not a private club for FBI executives to make in their own image,” Leavitt exclaimed in his letter to Congress. 

He added that “over the last few years, the FBI has used the clearance process as a means to force employees out of the FBI by inflicting severe financial distress: suspending their clearance, suspending them from duty without pay, requiring them to obtain permission to take any other job while stuck in this unpaid limbo, and delaying their final clearance adjudication indefinitely – even years.”

In an effort to crack down on the alleged practices, Leavitt also urged Congress to “work swiftly to independently corroborate the information in the attached disclosure with other witnesses, publicly document your findings, hold Director Wray and any responsible FBI officials accountable, and pass legislation to fix the abusive security clearance process and successfully protect future whistleblowers.”

The FBI has become a politically motivated hitman service for Joe Biden and his cronies 

Rather than protecting Americans from significant threats, the FBI has devolved into a private police service for the far-Left. 

Public trust in the FBI has completely eroded, with many Americans now viewing them as a glorified secret police. 

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